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  1. hi

    I´m new to this so that´s why.

    I´ll check it out.

    / Mikael
  2. hi

    When I have no css added, it works find.
    then shen I have the SASS with all included,
    no extra added.
    The selectbox is looking different.

    plus that the buttonicons got in the right align,...
  3. hi

    I have a selectfield connected to a store with numbers 1-12.
    And when you like to change the number a picker comes up.
    use picker: fales, so no done,cancel.

    The thing is that the layout...
  4. hi

    I have buttons and added one default icon.
    align to the left. Was ok.

    Then when I was working with theming,
    and did a default-theming.css and include it in the resources.
    The style works...
  5. hi

    No need to get information during writeing a line that it´s missing some signs.
    I know that the end ')' is missing when writing console.log('Hello_world

    Please remove that til next time.
  6. hi

    I use a list with item tap,

    In ordinary webbsite you can get back to the same place when clicking back,
    not on top of the site.

    How can I in Architect do the same with the list,
    I click...
  7. hi

    Thanks for your reply.

    I have some more if statment error,
    and it´s a red sign.

    And when I reopen the document,
    it´s no error.
  8. hi

    Usually when I miss a semicolon I get a red sign with a !.

    Now it´s sometimes another color.

    I think it´s better to just have red,
    and if the other color is just recomendation,
  9. Yes, I did.

    Hope you fixe that til next time.
    A little comfusing.

    Had another imageview that was working,
    so I find out,

  10. hi everyone.

    I add an imageview in Architect,
    then it was a dott with ! saying invalid configuration.

    "An image must have url set"

    When you then go down,
    there is no URL.
    And I add one...
  11. hi

    My plan is to use Sencha Arch full time.

    I like to add the username after the login.
    Get´s the value from localstorage.

    Ext.create('App.view.v_login', {fullscreen: true});

    I wrote...
  12. Hi

    I have one panel, the last one I added.

    Then I add a card to another, and deleted the last panel.

    After I downloaded the 2.1 verson the panel was back, and the top panel.
    Not main view....
  13. hi

    Sencha touch 2.

    / Mikael
  14. hi

    I have worked with an app,

    I have a short title in my toolbar and it´s like this:

    scorecard is scorec...
    and 'register your result' is: 'register your res...

    It looks like it´s...
  15. Replies

    wrote this in my eventbinding:

    if(n == 1)
  16. Thanks for the reply.

    So there is nothing I can do,
    but just wait?
    not so very imortent, just more easy to show the code to other programmers at work.

    I have listed some other small buggs,...
  17. hi

    I clicked on the panel in view in project inspector,
    rightclicked on the eventbining.
    And it´s delete, edit code and "convert to action",
    clicked on the convert and then click on "New...
  18. hi

    First it was not possible to mark a line from the right, only from the right.

    Today it´s not possible to click to change letters, have to click to on the left side and then move it to the...
  19. hi

    I have some views and I have buttons with tap and list with itemtap.
    The plan is to build MVC.

    So I rightclicked on the tap with the function and the code,
    and clicked on convert to...
  20. hi

    I had a buttontap in a view and the plan was to convert to action.

    A controler was built,
    got this message:

    TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object.
    ignore/restart/exit Arch.
  21. Replies

    Was writing code on a function.

    And was removing some code, and then I use Edit undo to get it back.
    noticed that there was something happening, but no text back again.

    Reloaded the app...
  22. hi

    When I have Arch open and load a new project it change the program not full screen.

    Have to push the full screen button top right.

    It´s moved down 1 cm plus a little to the right so no...
  23. hi again

    Often forget to reply when problem solved,
    and it could help other.

    I changed the "defaultDateFormat: 'd/m/Y',"
    to just: "dateFormat: 'd/m/Y',"

    And it works.
  24. Hi

    Thanks for the reply.

    have this code to:

    defaultDateFormat: 'd/m/Y',
    picker: {
    slotOrder:["day", "month", "year"],
  25. hi

    Here is the code:

    xtype: 'datepickerfield',
    label: 'Date:',
    labelWidth: '30%',
    value : {
    day: new Date().getDate(), month: (new...
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