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    I am facing the same issue when loading the store associated with itemSelector. Any reason why I am getting this error?
  2. It worked perfect! Thanks very much
  3. Hello Friends
    I have a store that is commonly referenced in several part of the applications. I would like to reuse this store in multiple combo fields by filtering them by the TYPE field in the...
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    Thanks for your reply. I added doLayout() and it made no difference though. I even invoked that from browser console and it remained the same. Any thoughts?
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    I am using ExtJS 4.1 and trying to add accordion items dynamically. I get all the items shows up as 'Open' in a equally divided space. Can someone point out what I am doing wrong here? Here is...
  6. Mitchell
    I am using Touch 2 (Build 2012-06-04) and charts 1. Is there a latest version out there that I can use?
  7. Mitchell, I am facing memory issues in iPad with Chart 1.0. Is there a latest version that is out there that corrects the problem?
  8. Hello
    I am using 'iteminfo' interaction in line & column charts, I see the effect right after the selection. but the panel does not show up though. Any idea what I may be missing here? I have...
  9. haduki
    You are absolutely right. I didn;t quite follow when I read your initial posting, but it took care of the problem for me. Thanks very much!!
  10. Ok, I just confirmed I am using 2.0.1 and I am having the same problem (Build date: 2012-06-04 15:34:28 (d81f71da2d56f5f71419dc892fbc85685098c6b7)). But the bug description above suggests, this is...
  11. Hello
    Is this an issue in version 2.0 as well? This is the version I use and I face the same problem. Can someone confirm?
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    How to make the toolbar showup for the chart? Am I doing something wrong in the code below?

    chart = Ext.chart.Chart({
    width: 500,
    height: 300,
    animate: true,
  13. hidden the first item of the panel and it worked. incase if anyone looking.. this is what I did and it worked

  14. haduki
    I am not fully following your thoughts. In my case, the issue is not to do with 'unrecognized' PK field. Since I use id as a field, it recognized records from both the store and...
  15. Jay
    Please see my response below.

    - Why are you using an ajax proxy for a store in which you don't intend on making ajax calls with?
    This Store class is a generic class, In some instances, I...
  16. No. I don't explicitly reference model in my data. This is how I build the store by passing the data array. Does that make sense?

    var store1= Util.buildStore('StoreId1', data1);var store2=...
  17. I am facing a similar need. Is this possible?
  18. Hello
    I am facing a situation where the data from different AJAX calls are being merged.. even though I have unique StoreId. Here is the snippet of my situation. Can someone highlight what may be...
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    Awesome! The explanation & validation really helps. We will go with the second option.
    Thanks much
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    I have more like an architectural question here. Here is my scenario. I have a main tab in my application with several items. One of the item is a list. When I click the list detail, I need to...
  21. Ok, it makes sense. I thought about extending it initially, but I decided not to do that extra effort just for this reason. It's good to know, this is an acceptable approach. Thanks very much!
  22. Hello
    I am looking to store some temporary/custom data in Buttons & Icons in couple of my views. I need to reference this data from the 'tap' event of these components. Is there a pre-defined...
  23. Mitchell
    Thanks for the hint. Finally got it worked. Thanks again
  24. Hello
    I load a tabpanel through my controller that has couple of items such as a Form & List views. Each has an activate listeners tied to it and performs the initialization of these views as soon...
  25. echobloom
    Thanks for the clarification. It worked great. Appreciate it much!
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