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  1. Hoi Johan,

    Bedankt voor je review, interessant om te lezen!


    Hi Johan,

    Thanks for your review!
  2. I have not seen the formula store binding myself, I don't think its possible? I don't know a workaround either :(
  3. I have a model with a hasMany relationship (e.g Order hasMany Subscriptions).

    I show these related Subscriptions in a grid with the option to add a new Subscription.
    I bind the store of the grid...
  4. I have the same issue but with ExtJS 6....
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    This plugin is awesome!
  6. Monthly shipment of releases are pure dreams. Sencha will never do that, their license and company model simply don't allow this to happen soon.
  7. Had the same issue just now, fixed it by following the thread here:
  8. I would hide panel 2 in the controller and fire an event to controller 3 to show his panel.
  9. It's best to not mingle viewcontrollers and their context. Any use case for this?
  10. You are right. You can add these files to ignore file.
  11. Wow, another sign ExtJS is dying.
  12. Take a look at should also work with the new CMD
  13. In the app.json in the root look for "classpath": "${app.dir}/app" and add your utils directory to it.
  14. Your first code snippet isn't valid JSON. You need to wrap it in a rootProperty like this:
    user:{ name: "Lorem ipsum", email: " }You can do that with...
  15. Is there a specific use case for referring to your Viewcontroller in initcomponent? Can't you do it on render event?
  16. Yes, '->' has been around since 2.x I believe :DPlease provide a fiddle so we can take a look
  18. I`m afraid I don't understand the question.
  19. Are you using the 'real' Crisp Theme or a derative of if (e.g your own custom theme derived from Crisp) ?
  20. Can you elaborate? I personally upgraded to 5.1.1 last week and this behaviour didn't occur for me?
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    Thanks for your update !
  22. +1 :)
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    Bizarre action.
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    No word from Sencha on the matter. Communication is not their expertise. :-?
  25. Awesome work, thank you very much!
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