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    I should mention here for readers, that the advice on the theme file helped clear up the error i was having with the theme building.

    Although... I'm still stuck with the tab extender buttons...
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    Thanks Colin, the error messages would be a great help.
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    Tab Panel handle for "extending buttons"


    Hi I was trying to figure out how to get a handle for the buttons that are automagically produced when a tab panel is resized to occupy a small...
  4. Thanks Colin,

    I think I see the problem I was having with setValue() now...

    I was trying to use that before, but without the boolean parameter, the fireEvents defaults to false, so my deduction...
  5. +1

    It would be good if there was some kind of method (unless I've missed it some how) setting the combobox to automtically set the value to cause the value change event to fire (which I'm having...
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    liking the new minimal menu, and the mega-menu approach on the first tab :)

    also the new look reply/preview post buttons
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    Filling in a form for this typo seems like overkill, so apologies offered for my brevity.
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    Hi, I don't know the best solution is in GXT for that.

    my guess is its based upon GWT serverside validation.

    One idea I have as a...
  9. That is handy to know.

    The console line works, but the second gives me a syntax error, and I've tried to look through JSNI examples but the code below seems to fit the syntax of the examples.
  10. Hi Colin,

    I'm not overly familiar with jsni. Running the code below in debug, it reaches super.drawSeries(); but I assume doesn't run the jsni as my console.log line doesn't print to the console...
  11. I haven't tried overriding BarSeries.drawLabels() yet, but before posting the code last week I had been performing removeYFeild with the value providers and it caused a similar error. I recreated the...
  12. I'm trying to allow users the ability to customise a bar chart by removing the columns at runtime. I’m having some difficulty after using removeYField(int index) in BarSeries.


    It seems as...
  13. Required Information

    Version(s) of Ext GWT
    3.0.1 Release Candidate

    Virtual Machine

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    Hi Colin,

    Yes more than one instance of the validator,

    I think that I was not sure at whether the re-use of the validator, would mean that if one field was validated then the others would also...
  15. I'm not sure but this might help a little;

    I'm guessing an alternative might be to extend the base xtemplate for grouping grid and make the...
  16. I had started writing a post for this because I was stuck, but then i figured it out so I thought this might come in useful to other gxt users.
  17. doh! Ahh, I think I understand what you are saying now...

    I've coded my asWidget method to return a new instance, but what I should have really done is say make comboFieldLabel a private class...
  18. Thanks for the reply.

    The way I interpret what your saying is that the widget is like a generic UI interface (sort of like component but with more going on) and I find it very useful in that...
  19. I'm not sure if this is a GXT or a GWT issue, since I am using GXT components as well as GWT.

    myComboBoxExample.asWidget().setTitle("Archive Process Snapshot Report"); ...
  20. No problem!
  21. Not sure exactly what you mean (the value of the checkbox or the tree store item?), but here is an example of what I think you might want to use;

  22. Thanks!

    I just noticed the examples page was now using the grey theme so figured that there must be a new release! :D
  23. I found that the setAutoValidate(); method partly covers what I'm looking for for the email field.

    I have a problem though checking if the textfield is valid;

    I set my field to auto validate, i...
  24. Thanks Colin

    A nice to know but not essential (I know this is slightly off thread topic);

    I have my email with validation shown below, using a ChangeHandler. I want on a change to run my...
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    thanks Col!

    I'm wondering with this approach;

    RegExValidator myEmailValidator = new RegExValidator("^(\\w+)([-+.][\\w]+)*@(\\w[-\\w]*\\.){1,5}([A-Za-z]){2,4}$", "Email");
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