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    i trying for few days to detect the scroll event on a component (panel) in ExtJS 4.1 and i have no luck, all the solutions on the forum for <4.0 doesnt work

  2. Hi

    As far as i know Adobe Air is a free runtime library, if you want to sell your application based on Ext + Adobe Air, the only thing restricting you will be Ext license (you need to buy one),...
  3. this is the archive that i downloaded yesterday, i put just the debug file ;)
  4. ok i see now there is a 200k Ext-air-debug file

    thanks for the update
  5. hi

    did u downgraded the adapter, i see that the file version is 150k instead of 195k, im getting weird results on the 1st run with Ext.air.Window when im using chrome: none, transparent?

  6. thanx

    i tried to suggest to include those in the adapter :D

    but i realize that you cant add all the possibilities , so i guess for strange date formats you need to add them in the base...
  7. there is no problem i just told you whats causing the error, i can add them im my app before dom ready
  8. i dont think you precompile dates are enough, because i still get that security error

    i commented out my precompiled dates and doesnt work, if i let them all is ok, here are my precompile formats:...
  9. lol

    format 'M Y' is not in your precompiled formats, this is very used i guess
  10. ok i think i found it,

    it was in a plugin called MonthPicker (attached), when i comment that plugin all works fine, but whats strange is that i cannot find those formats in the plugin

    here is...
  11. here is a test part of the chart that im using, but this one doesnt cause problems, so i didnt find any method to get it out from my app

    var test = new Ext.Window({
  12. nope i dont use them, i cant find them anywhere in my app either in the ext-all-debug.js file, also i told you with 3.1.1 version is working fine without needing to precompile those 2
  13. hmmm

    seems i cant get out a standalone example from app context, but i guess you should include those formats in your precompile function
  14. i just put an alert before the error line and i saw the date formats
  15. yes because i use your precompiled dates and when im trying to render charts i get that security error, so i debugged the ext-all-debug to display which format is causing that problem, and i saw when...
  16. ok bug was

    M Y H

    m/d/Y H

    precompiled dates when you try to use charts, i guess somewhere in the code it uses those formats

    i guess you should add those formats to your precompile...
  17. all my dates are precompiled but i still get that error

    so here is my precompiled before dom ready event

    Date.precompileFormats('y|Y-m|m|d|D|Y|F|M|F Y|M Y|M y|f Y|Y/m/d H:i|m/d/Y|m/y|m Y|D d M...
  18. Extjs 3.2 is released im getting lots of errors like

    Error: Adobe AIR runtime security violation for JavaScript code in the application security sandbox (Function constructor)

    when im using...
  19. just a quick suggestion, if u doing it more extensible, you can replace onInit event with initComponent and run all the init code in there,

    also right now i can't do things like:

    this.tbar =...
  20. im using it like this

    onInit: function(win, Ext) {
    initComponent is my method in the current class and i get the...
  21. is working fine thanx.

    one more small request:

    can you add initComponent to Ext.air.Window so i can extend initialize some stuff in that function?
  22. yeah you should do :D

    thanx for your work
  23. this seams like a little hardcoding to me because you need to run the Ext.QuickTips.init(); in a html file so the fileQuery can find it. it would be nice if i can call that methon in onComplete event...
  24. my guess is that you need to run


    in the new window because i run it manually in the main native window

    if you add
  25. thanks

    code works perfectly

    the thing is i want to add a toolbar to the that window with back, forward, home buttons, all is working perfectly with Ext.Window even the handlers for back and...
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