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  1. Sorry, wasn't able to try it again until today.

    It is happening for me on FF3. It is fine of Safari 3.1.1 and IE7.


  2. I believe it is only FF because the solution looked (Ext.isGecko) specific.
  3. I realize this was closed but wanted to comment on the solution.

    After switching position to fixed, the textField stays put and has some undesirable side effects. Try the fix in a window that...
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    I was running into this issue recently as well.

    What I wanted to have was this main FormPanel that could contain another FormPanel depending on some criteria. I wasn't able to get a FormPanel...
  5. When we updated to Ext 2.2 yesterday I noticed the TreePanel that we use along with the treeEditor had some different and undesirable behaviour.

    When selecting a node in the tree all is fine, it's...
  6. Simply did a quick search on columnTree and found the below:

    It's just a textfield (no comboBox), but should get you started.


  7. Hello,

    I have a grid that has drag and drop functionality. In my grid I can select a row and start dragging it and that works as expected. But if I deselect the selected row first by CTRL +...
  8. With the couple of threads in the examples forum, resizing portlets sees to have become a bit of a hot topic. See for more details.

    I have been...
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    Tried this and this works for me. Great, thanks very much as I was just looking for something to get me the mouseover event of a tree node.


  10. I guess I might have created a duplicate question. Just noticed that a similar question was asked earlier today:

    Didn't see anything when I was...
  11. I'm looking to capture the mouseover event on a certain set of tree nodes. Looking at the documentation, it doesn't seem like this is an event I can use for TreeNode. However QuickTips work on...
  12. I think I'm seeing the same thing with the Ext.form.Field. I have a custom selection that when I double click I see the dropdown for a brief moment and then it kicks out of edit mode.

    I too am...
  13. I've upgraded to Ext and most things I've been able to get switched over to the new way. But I'm having a bugger of a time figuring out the new DnD in a Grid. Dragging a row from a grid.

  14. Does Jack's PropsGrid not do what you are looking for? Unless I'm misunderstanding what you are trying to accomplish.


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    I'm looking to extend TextEditor. I want to provide validation, which I have currently working with a regular expression in the config.

    But now I also want to only allow certain characters,...
  16. I've been able to add a BorderLayout into a portlet window and create a couple of panels for it and it all displays fine initially. One of my panels has a collapsable region (north), the other is...
  17. Nevermind,

    I got the remaining issues figured out. :oops:


  18. Okay so it seems like it is possible then. Tim I have done what you suggested and I'm still getting some display issues.

    Using Firebug it looks like the BorderLayout gets created and the 2...
  19. Fairly new to most of this but have been trying to add a BorderLayout to a portlet window and I am having no success. To be honest I'm not even sure if it is possible.

    In all of the examples I...
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