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  1. I also needed to get the response on sync success. This is how I handled it in 4.2:

    success: function(batch) {
  2. I had the same problem, that appeared in 4.2.

    Found that I was calling "store.commitChanges" before I was calling "store.sync". When I took that out it handled the problem
  3. It seems like any of your handlers would work. But you have to make sure that the checkbox has the focus first otherwise it will not fire any events at all and none of your handlers would get called....
  4. REQUIRED INFORMATION Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.1a - 4.1.3

    Browser versions tested against:


  5. This seems to be working now for me in 4.1.1 using the style config. Should this be updated as fixed?
  6. I got it working now. It looks like the SDK tools will automatically use the path that is provided in this loader config to locate the UX classes.
  7. Does that mean the SDK tools will replace it automatically if you use "sencha create ..." + "sencha build ..." or does this mean I am supposed to replace this with something before I use the SDK...
  8. Couldn't you simply override the getDisplayValue method of Ext.form.field.ComboBox?

    Then you could add whatever functionality you wanted in your overriden function.

    Like in this example.
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    I worked something out on this, here's an example of how I am doing it in 4.1.
  10. Does anyone know if a built in function exists this for this in 4.1 now? I can't seem to find anything in the docs but it's been talked about for a few years now.
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    I also need the same thing, I can't seem to find it in the 4.1 docs. I could have missed something though, does anyone know if this exists yet?
  12. I also needed client-side sorting in a buffered store. I have a solution worked out here.
  13. I only wanted to use my custom commitRecords on a few of the app stores though, I didn't want to override the method for the whole app.

    I found the method in where a new...
  14. I need to provide my own implementation of's commitRecords method for many of my app's data stores. is a direct subclass of Ext.Base. So I am confused on how...
  15. To answer my own question, in case anyone else was wondering about this.

    The controller's control function runs somewhat according to that second option above (probably not exactly like that, but...
  16. This is very helpful. But what if a controller may have already been loaded for a view and I want to create another instance of the view? Should I initialize it again when I create the new instance?...
  17. That clarifies some things.

    Specifically on how to handle the stores in an example like mine above. It makes sense logically that they would go into the views because that is the only thing that...
  18. I have the same question. Searching around on google, I have seen a few implementations that use one controller for many views but they were mostly simplified views with maybe two events that...
  19. It's working fine for me now
  20. I needed this also, I just worked out an override that seems to have this resolved for 4.1 b2. It's listed here with the other needed element configs.
  21. I have some overrides that support infinite scrolling with remote filters and remote sort, this works fine on FF 4.0 (the company's default intranet browser) with ExtJS 4.1 b2 haven't tested on...
  22. I found that if I take out the FilterFeature entirely infinite scrolling works great and does pass the sorting parameters to my backend. I will start sifting though the FilterFeature code instead....
  23. I spoke too soon, I just realized I still had the call to store.mask() from the Ext.grid.PagingScroller still commented out that was why it was working. I see what you're saying about the example...
  24. Your right, I took out the loadMask: true from my grid and scrolling functionality is great. I suppose I don't really need it. However, it doesn't solve the problem of the infinte scroller not...
  25. In ExtJS 4.1 beta 2 I managed to implement an infinite scroll grid with a remote store. I basically took an existing (fully operational) paging grid (with remote store, remote filtering and remote...
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