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  1. i tried columnLines : true in my code but it is not displaying the vertical lines between the columns. Is ter any workaround? which works on all browsers
  2. If i use 4.1 PRs to develop the application and when 4.1 is released (i hope it is soon :) ) i modify the version from 4.1PR to 4.1, Will that change impact my application?
  3. thanks man......for replying in such a short notice......4.1 PRs are awesome ....cant wait for the final one.......
  4. oh.....pardon my ignorance.....Is there any other way to improve the performance....
  5. Yup 4.0.7 .......i heard about buffered store....can we use prefetch in pagination?
  6. hi,
    I need to display an auto height grid with client side pagination, im doing the following steps

    1.Creating a store with ajax proxy which fetches the data from the server.
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    8-|well i don't know exactly but in IE 7&8 it is responsible for displaying the entire chart...if i remove it in developer tools the whole chart disappears....
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    i need to display a chart which is already present in my main screen to a new popup and print it.....i took the innerHTML of the chart and placed in the new window like ...
  9. thanks kskrumpet, consider i have a very small app (one grid with hard coded store) it possible?...
  10. Hi,
    i have developed an application using sencha extjs 4, can i deploy it on my iphone as an app or do i need to create the same thing again using sencha touch?
  11. Thanks for your reply , but shall be able to prevent the removal by setting up some handlers ?
  12. hi,
    consider i have a piechart and a button on clicking the button , i need the same piechart in a panel inside the originial it,inside panel should be created dynamically

    if anyone...
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