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  1. Hi,

    Is there a way to set the default value.

    I realise we can set to an existing store value using setValue() but I would like to set just a plain value that is not contained in the store.
  2. Hi,

    At the moment I have a a datastore that feeds my grid. When I display a date field from my datastore to my row expander, it looks like this

    Sat Mar 29 2008 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (GMT Standard...
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    Brilliant thanks :)

    This is my final code for anyone else

    var TabEl = Ext.get(tabPanel.getTabEl(panel));
    TabEl.frame("ff0000", 1, { duration: 1 })
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    Very close! :)

    It now flashes the strip behind the tab. Ideally it is the tab itself that I want flashing
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    I've tried


    but it highlights the little strip under the tab, rather than the tab itself
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    I'd like to know this too
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    Any movement on this yet?
  8. Cheers guys :)
  9. In my grid, a have a record set to feed my grid, I'm trying to use the row expander but it fails to show my Brief Description field when expanded, i'm guessing it is due to the space in the...
  10. Thanks, I've heavily edited my version, so I'll use your updated php as a reference :)
  11. Doh, such a simple mistake. Thanks alot :)
  12. Here is my combo. Even though editable:false is set, I can still type into the combo :(

    fieldLabel:"Reason Not Planned",
    typeAhead: true,
    name: 'ReasonNotPlanned',...
  13. Thanks. I've figured it out now.

    My next question, is how do we use the serverside filtering?

    I have set local to false in the following code block

    this.filters = new...
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    Same problem here :( Did you ever fix this?
  15. figured it out. responseValue.success == false works :)
  16. Can anyone help me with evaluating a server respon when using Ext.Ajax.Request. This is my code
    Server Response


    success function

    var responseValue =...
  17. can anyone explain to me what to return serverside to trigger the failure block on Ext.Ajax.request.

    Surprisingly failure:true does not work :(
  18. Can anyone help me in figuring out how to add a loadMask multiselect field?

    I use a json store for the data, so need to show a loading indicator when fetching the records
  19. Brilliant Tutorial!

    Did anyone figure out how to load the grid into a bordered layout?
  20. Can anyone help me in figuring out how to display checkboxes in a row?
  21. I've noticed the same bug. When hiddenName is set. Any things typed/earsed from the combo, does not get picked up by getValues() :(

    Really hoping for a fix...
  22. Hi,

    Can I ask if there has been any movement on this?

    I often use
    form.getForm().getValues(true) to return my form values, but have noticed today that if a combobox has 'hiddenName' set and...
  23. Great stuff!

    Although i'm still getting this error using 2.0.2 when using a multiselect

    Ext.ux.DDView is not a constructor
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    Glad you got it sorted. I too get the same "Transferring data" Do you also get this on your non-extjs page?
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    isnt the chart getting rendered in a div called clipHistory rather than chartHistory?

    If you can post an example, i'm sure I can help since I use fusion charts in my application too.

    Can you...
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