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  1. i see

    the reason i asked was because i liked the way it was written

    i was hoping i could learn a bit more from it for the QT side. Not really related to ext
  2. It has proved to be extremely simple to do this.

    Whats only needed is :

    toggleGroup: 'nameOfGroup',

    If this property is added to the buttons on a toolbar they behave like a mutually...
  3. Hi guys,

    I must say that the EXT designer looks great. I can see that QT framework has been used in the built and it just looks great. I was wondering if the toolbar that is dockable and contains...
  4. Hi all,

    I am just starting with Ext and i have to say its great.

    I am having a bit trouble to make the toolbar behave like a windows like toolbar. I would like to have 3 groups of buttons....
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