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  1. Hi Scott,

    I resolved the issue in the following way
    1. created a combo box
    2. while reconfiguring grid assigning that combo in the editor.
    3. to get the combo component I used...
  2. the following code is for reconfigure grid

    updatecm = new Ext.grid.ColumnModel({
    id :'company',
  3. Hi Scott,

    In ur example use xtype:combo instead of new Ext.form.ComboBox'.
    and do reconfigure grid with modified column model(just change the header name). In reload button add code for...
  4. Hi Scott,

    There is no timing issue. I tried with static data and 'mode:local' in combo box editor.Still it is same issue.
    When page load freshly at that time the combo box editor is working fine....
  5. combo box editor firing ajax request and in store data is available but not showing in the dropdown.
    please help me
  6. Hi Scott,

    Use the following code to reconfigure the grid.
    var refGrid = Ext.getCmp('refKeyGrid');
    refGrid.reconfigure(refGrid.getStore(), new Ext.grid.ColumnModel(myCM));

    In my scenario,...
  7. before loading(refresh) the second time edit it. and then click on combobox editor.<br>If possible while loading grid second time reconfigure the column model because in my code I am reconfigure...
  8. This code will refresh the grid u load the js file in browser.
    And every time it will create new object of grid. then this problem will not occur.
    Instead of creating new grid object every time use...
  9. hi Scott,

    Thanks for ur quick reply.
    I am not seeing the code to refresh the gird data.
    Could please provide the refresh the grid data?
    After first time loading of grid, click on combobox...
  10. Hi

    I have grid having combobox as editor in one column.
    To update a record in grid , I want to select data from combobox editor.
    First time the data in combo box loading.
    It means
    After data...
  11. is there anyway to update column model without calling reconfigure method?
  12. hi,
    Thanks for ur reply.
    I tried what u suggested but it is not working.
    I have written my in below way.

    store = new{
  13. please guide me how to reload the data for combo box.
    I tried to load manually like put mode in combobox 'local'. and load the store manually.
  14. Hi

    I have EditorGridPanel.
    In column model one column has editor as combo box.
    After grid loaded data successfully and clicked on cell which have combo box editor.
    First time the combox data...
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