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  1. Same for textarea fields. Last working in ExtJS 4.2.x. Bug is still present in ExtJS 6.x. :(
  2. This hack works to me:

    Ext.define('FOO.overrides.window.Window', {
    override: 'Ext.window.Window',

    initComponent: function() {
    this.renderTo = Ext.getBody();
  3. Great. At the same time, could you go into file .../view/dashboard/Dashboard.js line 49 and fix the following typo?

    items: [{
    xtpe: 'container',
  4. If you have a MVVC application with a grid and a selectionchange listener, the handler in the ViewController ist not called anymore. Bug was introduced between Sep, 24 (build 1397) and Oct, 1 (build...
  5. Thanks for your hint to setLoading(). This function was not known to me so far.

    The Ext.getBody().mask("...") method is used for example in the ticket application. If you click "login", you should...
  6. The z-index of Ext.getBody().mask("some message") should be higher than the window z-index.

    To see the bug, run this fiddle.

    Simple fix:

    .x-mask {
    z-index: 100000;
  7. Run the default fiddle application with a 5.0.x release or nightly version, hover mouse over message window header and see what happens: Nothing.

    Now run the same fiddle with Ext JS
  8. Since nightly build 1378, field labels of fields within field containers are invisible. This bug was probably introduced as side effect by fixing bug EXTJS-13870.

    To see this bug in action, try...
  9. Good point, thanks. I'm now using this code to handle ajax events global:

    beforerequest: this.onBeforeRequest,
    requestcomplete: this.onRequestComplete,
  10. The following code is working in ExtJS beta ( but not in the release (ExtJS

  11. I think, all what it needs to correctly place the clearbutton icon are the instructions of this post from PHaroZ :
  12. I think it is sufficient if you set the config 'componentLayout' to 'combobox':

    xtype: 'boxselect',
    componentLayout: 'combobox'
  13. Ext.onReady(function() {
    Ext.create('Ext.toolbar.Toolbar', {
    renderTo: Ext.getBody(),
    width: 250,

    items: [
    text: 'Click me',

    handler: function() {
  14. Go to this infinite scrolling example, scroll down (at least to post 201), click at the column header "Last Post" to (remote) sort and watch the first column (post number). The view jumps always back...
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