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  1. I have 3 years of experience in this so look forward to here from you on my email id
  2. you can do this
    var divID = document.getElementById("div_id_name"); = "visible";

    call the above when you do any event surely this is an answer to your solution
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    can you provide me the knowledge regarding what response do you get
    like the output of : response.responseText
    this would help me to give you a solution
  4. yes you can add tpl to the carousel
  5. you can do this way
    Suppose you have array of images named imagearray and carousel name as carousel then following thing can be done

    var length = imagearray.length;
    var arrary = [];
  6. Add your own custom pop up would be bettter
  7. Give the id to all the elements you want to change on orientation change and do the following:

    // make a callback to updateOrientation so that whenever there is orientation change the...
  8. mApp.menuList.bindStore(mApp.offlineStore);

    In my app.js file:

    mApp.menuList = viewport.menuList = new Ext.List({ // mistake was here var menuList
    store: mApp.onlineStore, ...
  9. This is just because you are creating a refrence to panel after the ajax call which you need to do before that try if you get success else you need to share some code to us know whats the problem.
  10. The other solution would be iterate through your store like
    var carouselArray = [];
    html:'<img id="carouselimage"...
  11. can you ellaborate on this I know the Solution because I have done the custom button with three different states
    normal,pressed and selected
  12. var carousel = Ext.Carousel({
    // the ajax call here
  13. You can here disable the swipe feature by
    panel.alllisteners to false
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    Can you provide the code so giving solution is better and for your information this can be done
  15. Ext.regModel('Contact', {
    fields: ['firstName', 'lastName']

    var store1 = new{
    model : 'Contact',
    data: [
    {firstName: 'Tommy', lastName:...
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