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  1. Hi,

    Is this example possible in GXT?

    Artie Motamed
  2. Hi,

    I have a variable column grid that's horizontally scrollable, I'd like scrolling to move all columns but the first, essentially a partially scrollable grid. Any comments or suggestions would...
  3. Actually, the best place to see an example of this is here:

    if you expand gxt->samples->client, then resize the column so that one of the class files...
  4. Replies
    When using a combobox, you are able to change the setStore method post render but, it doesn't update the dropdown. I created a combobox, added a treestore with one element with a displayField value...
  5. Hi, I'm creating a TreeGrid with an Icon, when I do I don't get the ellipsis In IE like the other columns.
  6. Sven,

    Here you go, my setup is very similar to the explorer demo, basically, i took the north panel and classed it out. I did this simple example to make sure it was these two components causing...
  7. Hi, If I create a GXT window, and add a GWT TextArea with the boarders set to 100% to it, under IE (tested on 8, I believe the issue is on IE 6 and 7 as well) it will render the text area as only...
  8. Thanks for reading! I've spent hours trying to track this down....... any help would be appreciated!

    on my entry point i have:

    DOM.addEventPreview( new EventPreview()
  9. I use idea 8.1, if you create a new java project their should be a GWT option. if you click on your folder, you can choose New -> Google Web Toolkit -> Sample application that should take care of...
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