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  1. Oh, interesting catch! I will check this. Sounds reasonable, animation stuff could be somehow hardware accelerated by Chrome or so.
  2. The only I can say at the moment: It is always triggered in our app while invoking the click/event handler of a tree's item -- regardless a simple click, an expand or a item-drop-click. Because the...
  3. I was using 30.0.1599.69, however just 5 minutes ago I got update to 30.0.1599.101

    I'm watching if the issue is still present. A quick replay does not show anything, but, meanwhile, I have found...
  4. Hi,

    since the release and public availability of Chrome 30, I have noticed a lot of tab crashs of Chrome (not a browser or app crash, but a single tab/process crash). Unfortunately, there are no...
  5. I (Chrome 30, OS X) cannot confirm the issue in that fiddle, but I have some Chrome 30 only issues with Ext JS 3.x apps (Sencha's support app and an older legacy app in our company).

    I'm still...
  6. REQUIRED INFORMATIONExt version tested:

    Ext (comm)
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 30 (OSX)
    DOCTYPE tested against:

  7. I'm currently not using the locking feature. Could you provide a small test? You can use Sencha's brand new Fiddle if you like:

    Tip: Because of some issues with...
  8. After upgrading to Ext JS 4.2, I'm also becoming aware of the PageMap exceptions. Currently, I'm not able to catch the nasty one: Sometimes but not always some grids will errored (re)loading. So I'm...
  9. I had seen also this this week and I can confirm it is fixed in nightly or higher. If you have access to this, you will find the patch. The patch does not conflict with the current 4.2.1...

    Ext version tested:

    Browser versions tested against:
  11. Seems not being fixed in 4.2.1 GA, the line was not touched.
  12. I could not guess what you are meaning.

    Anyway, I've fixed it.

    I'd called `sencha build package` but it should be `sencha app build package`. A minor improvement could be a better arguments...
  13. We've developed a Touch application using Cmd 3.0 and now Cmd 3.1.1. The initial development was on a Windows 7 and no problem.

    Meanwhile, I want to add a job for continuous testing and building...
  14. Hm, okay. The advice with the internal html was helpful. However, the problem was something else. There are some parts of the code, in which components still use an overridden "afterRender" (I think...
  15. Yep, that the issues come together always were already a hint that they a could be related to each other.

    Hm, what do you mean exactly? Could you give me a short example? Has changed something...
  16. I need some time to make a test case.. sorry :/

    I have this errors (actually, several times both ones) when starting the application (I've traced down this to a specific component), but also when...
  17. I've give 4.2 a try on our 4.1.3 based application, but I get some issues at several spots.

    For example this stack trace

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'setStyle' of undefined...
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    It's a bug in Firefox itself.

    Option A: As the user, update the browser to a newer version where the bug was fixed.
    Option B: As the user, disable the usage of this specific part of the...
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    1) Your issue can be part of the problem, but do not have to. You should provide a better stacktrace...

    2) Anyway, the answer to your question: No. A web application should not be able to change...
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    There is a Firefox 19 Beta (b2) on Mozilla's FTP available. Perhaps someone can confirm that the issue was resolved?

    The patches in the coming 18.0.1 and in that 19 Beta are identical.
  21. Yes.

    I've made a test case, take index.js and and index.html from this commit:

    See my output (Chrome24...
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    Patch landed in the release branch last night. Now we are waiting for the next release.

    No insider information, I'm just observing the issue on Mozilla's Bugzilla.
  23. Until Ext JS 4.1, the signature of the event is [ this, node, eOptions ] where you can use this as the parent of node. So, 3 arguments.

    Now trying 4.20.265 beta,...
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    I'd asked for further information about integration state of the patch in the next releases. Unfortunately, the current patch has raised a regression test last night and therefor an automatic pull of...
  25. I will investigate this tomorrow or next week, but it seems that you have found a bug. Congrats. Issue #3 if you want to track it.
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