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  1. FYI, i know this is old, but moveEditorOnEnter is probably what you're looking for. Unfortunately, there is no similar property for tab, but you can look at the code where moveEditorOnEnter is used...
  2. Yes I know I can do that and I have for now, but I have specific logic for enabling/disabling the buttons based on other factors and I didn't want to add extra logic to check if the panel is...
  3. I have a panel with buttons inside. If I disable that panel, the buttons within it are still enabled and clickable. Is there any way to fix this without‚Äč manually disabling each button within?
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    The instructions in your link will definitely work, but if you want to take advantage of HTML5 features in IE10, this will break them, so it's not really a good solution. See the code snippets above...
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    This is a great starting point, butafter some fooling around I found out that IE10 no longer supports css filters. With your modifications, ExtJS will try to render shadows using CSS filters on IE10...
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    Thanks mitchellsimoens for the solution, and thanks parky for the correction on his code.

    This helped me prevent collapsing/expanding of grouping view groups.
  7. Are there any suggestions you can offer aside from upgrading?
  8. I cannot update to the latest at this point in time as there may be other unforeseen bugs we encounter.
  9. Hi, I've trying to get long titles to be trimmed with the ellipsis. I'm using sencha touch 2.0.0 and iut is not possible for me to update to the latest version yet as there may be other bugs we...
  10. The z-index fix seems to work for buttons outside of a tabbar as well. I've found that giving the container of the image or button the z-index property seems to work. So if I have an image mask or...
  11. I encountered this issue with button images. There's a solution to the same problem for buttons on a tabbar floating around to give the tabbar a z-index of 1. Obviously this won't work for buttons...
  12. I tried creating a dummy application:

    viewport: { autoMaximize: true }

    then using Ext.Viewport.setMasked(true); to create a load mask after the Login button is...
  13. Any ideas?
  14. Sencha Touch IS loaded at that point. I have access to the Ext object. But Ext.Viewport is not defined yet because I have no application yet.

    I tried doing this, but it didn't work:

  15. @hotdp can you elaborate on that. I don't quite understand.
  16. Hi everyone,
    I have a login page that contains just a basic HTML/CSS form -- it is not part of the sencha touch application, but when you click login, it redirects to the ST application.

    I would...
  17. any help??
  18. Can you expand on this. I finally have some time to change the map, but I don't understand what you mean.
  19. Is this possible???
  20. anyone?
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    This is a valid question yet no one has answered it. Could you please provide a list of supported browsers? All of your documentation says you only support webkit browsers, but now you said that "not...
  22. any help with this? It seems like it has nothing to do specifically with Ext.Animator, but rather to do with resizing a panel with content in it
  23. I'm not sure if this is a bug or an incorrect view configuration, but I have a slightly long title that doesn't show the ellipsis when it should. See the screenshots below:

  24. ah, ok, I wasn't sure because I'm using the disclosureProperty and it doesn't seem to work. As I explained in my last post, I added the disclosureProperty to the list config, I added the field to the...
  25. Hi Mitchell. Whats the point of the disclosureProperty config on Ext.List? Isn't it used to tell the List which items have a disclosure? So lets say you set disclosureProperty: 'disclosure', add a...
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