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  1. Still the Problem: saving/updating data (from a store) to disk as a json file or whatever…
    What I found out:

    I can not write data to disk with extJS directly
    sure I knew that this is not...
  2. I use php. I hope, that I understood this(->link to a diagramm) right.

    There is an downloadable example from Sencha, but for me it is not that easy to understand,
    because I have to re-engineer...
  3. Thanks for Your answer, so I was not that stupid.

    You gave it up?
    There has to be something easy to store things in a file or database...
    I will continue to search for a solution.

  4. Hi,
    did You ever get a solution to this problem?
    I have the same problem.

    Thanks a lot,
  5. exactly that was my fault.

    Is there an example for Sencha Touch like that?

    Thank You very much
    Frederic Espitalier
  6. Hi,
    I try to go thru Your example carstore (!/guide/getting_started) and stuck right at the beginning, where I have to

    I cant find the "Grid Panel". :-?...
  7. Hi Mitchell,
    thank's a lot. Now I see my mistake. I was looking for a way to not define/create everything in the Launch method.
    Now I took a closer look to the 'Ext.application' API and found the...
  8. Hi Mitchell,
    thank You for Your answer. I tried ist, but it did not work: I can see the list, but I can not select an item.

    So I show You the code You sent me again, but I put the creation of the...
  9. Hi,
    I'm using Sencha Touch 2.0.pr2

    I found nothing in Your sencha 2.x forum so I'm asking. I already reduced my problem to the following:

    I created an Ext.TabPanel
    I created an...
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