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  1. Tired of waiting for the fix, so I put the following into my app.scss:

    .x-toast-inner {
    background-color: rgb(218, 228, 104) !important;

    It makes the background a solid light yellow.
  2. I have found a temp solution... remove/reapply the grouper on the panel's paint event. The code I am using in the paint event is shown below, but this does not seem like it should have to be done. I...
  3. Using Sencha Touch

    On the desktop (Chrome), the list w/grouper renders perfectly in every situation as records are added and scrolling occurs.

    However on the Android device (4.1.1)...
  4. Incidentally, using ST2.2 and Cmd
  5. Bump. Anyone??
  6. When compiling, if the app.json file contains:

    "css": [
    "path": "resources/css/app.css",
    "update": "delta"
    all is well. As soon as I...
  7. Following the multi-platform theming instructions "Theme-Switching in Sencha Touch 2.2" at for theme switching with the stock "Welcome to Sencha Touch 2" app works perfectly...
  8. In ST 2.1 I would add an item to a list, select it, and then immediately be able to scroll to the bottom of the list with this kind of code:

    var scroller =...
  9. Yes, if there is a workaround, it would be seriously appreciated as I am going into beta testing in 3 days!!
  10. Yes, I have inspected the DOM, and cannot see why Capture3 (in ST2.1) and Capture4 (in ST2.2) are different. Capture4 shows that the red background style I want to apply to a field with an error does...
  11. I am converting ST2.1 code to 2.2 and running into my fair share of fun.
    In 2.1 I did this to change the background color of a field:


    with a css rule of:
  12. I found what the problem was... in my form I has an html config like this:

    xtype: 'container',
    itemId: 'subscrCont',
    html: '<font size="1.5em"><br>Some text'
    and when I...
  13. This issue is coming up for me as well in IE, does not happen in Chrome or FF.
    An answer is needed, as my app just dies in the water in IE displaying a fubar'd window.
  14. Yes, the text has the CR in it all along.

    Sencha version is 4.1.1, compiled with Sencha Cmd
  15. Having a weird problem in IE only (Chrome and FF are not affected)... when I have an xtype textareafield on a form, and I use loadRecord to display a record onto the form, and the textareafield has a...
  16. Update... the checkboxes appear in IE using the compiled version. Very weird.
  17. I have attached pics of the current problem... in my app that uses the full extjs sdk, checkboxes appear in the grid (Capture2), in the compiled version checkboxes do NOT appear (Capture1). I have...
  18. I used to build my app with sencha.bat using the following command:
    sencha.bat app build testing \\machine\wwwroot\deploydir

    That was using the old batch version, and now there is a new Sencha...
  19. Yes!! loadData fixed it... thank you
  20. To answer your questions... I put some timing logs around the code, and it is the each loop in the second code block that is taking the time. Yes the store is bound to a grid, but only in the second...
  21. When loading a store of about 400 records this code gets executed in the blink of an eye:

    // initially load the store
    var contactTypesStore = Ext.create('');...
  22. OK, thanks I will try that... a question... I looked through what was being dynamically loaded and there are a lot of files to do with "filter"... which one(s) should I "requires"?
  23. Hi Don,
    Finally getting back around to trying a deploy. I have upgraded to .190, but I am still getting the same error:
    Uncaught TypeError: object is not a function

  24. In my mvc app, I have the following scenario. store1 contains grid panel rows, and store2 contains combobox options for one of the fields in store1. Its easy to set the store for the grid panel in...
  25. Answer to little red triangles... I forgot to add a contactsStore.sync() after loading the store. All better now :)
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