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  1. Hello everybody ,

    There is a problem with my code.
    I have one session and two box ,
    The condition is when the session matched then one of a box will be hidden and the other one is shown.....
  2. Thanks evant,
    that's worked,,

  3. Dear all ,
    i want to ask you something,

    i have a session's item. if session is not empty then mymodule's xtype is changed..
    is that possible..?

    here's the example :
  4. Case Closed

    Thank for all of you,,

    Nice To Meet You All
    1 second ago · Like ·...
  5. Finally , that's worked well,,

    big thanks for vietits,

    Case Closed
  6. Dear all ,

    i have a problem with my password validation.

    my current validation is using vtype and has its own pattern like this (2 uppercase + upper/lowercase + number) -> PAssword90 or...
  7. hi dawesi , thanks for your reply,

    yep , regular expression..

    my current rule has its own pattern , (2 uppercase followed by upper/lowercase and then number) -> PAssword80 or...
  8. Dear all ,

    There was a problem with my code about password validation.

    I want to create a validation that requires at least one digit (0-9) , one lowercase (a-z) , one uppercase (A-Z) and...
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