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  1. Over two months have passed from my first post and no one is able to help me???

  2. No one could help?!
  3. No one?! :-/
  4. Hello everybody.

    My scenario is a scrollable Grid in a Window (see first screenshot).
    Trying a wide ColumnModel (about 2200px width in a 1280x1024 monitor), I've discovered a strange behaviour,...
  5. It was! B)
  6. Hi all.

    In an EditorGrid I have a column which has an Ext.form.Checkbox as the editor.

    When I double click the cell of that column, I can see the checkbox element correctly checked (or...
  7. Hi all.

    I need your help editing the default menu items of the grid column headers.
    When you click on the drop down button next to the column header, you could see a list of:
    Sort Asc,
  8. Hi guys.
    I'm not sure if it's a bug, so I posted it here.

    The TextArea event "beforeshow" seems to be fired twice.
    I've tried it into an EditorGrid, simply doing:

    var editorTest = new...
  9. Thank you mjlecomte.

    I looked at recordform plugin, but I didn't find anything helpful for my application.
    I've already done a button like these in the example, but what I want is:
    the column...
  10. Hi all.

    This is my scenario:
    A window which includes an EditorGrid, which data are loaded from a DB.
    One column is a long text field, which needs an HtmlEditor - let's call it "LargeCol".
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    Congratulations: nice extension, really!

    Is it possible to add a file upload item? If so ... how? :-/

    I've tried to insert this item after "opt02":

    fieldLabel: 'Upload...
  12. :((:((:((
  13. I know, of course!

    In my north panel of center region if I put html: 'some text' it works.
    But if I commented out html: 'some text' and insert:

    items: [{
    columnWidth: ...
  14. Ok, I've tried your solution.
    Maybe I've missed something about layout design... Could you please explain how it doesn't work?

    new Ext.Viewport({
    layout: 'border',
    items: [
  15. Ok, ok, I understand your example.

    But my app needs a TreeMenu on the left and this container (your viewport) would be in the center.

    So I use a ViewPort at the top level design.
    In the West...

    Wow! Now I understand =D>
    Tomorrow I will try this solution and I will report to you.

    Another question: in an entire application, I must have ONE ViewPort, isn't it?
  17. :-/:-/:-/
    Really, I can't understand what you wrote.

    Why I've to nest another panel in the north?!

    My Viewport configuration is (simplified):

  18. I've a problem concerning nested layout.

    I want a layout such as:

    | A | B |
    | C |
  19. Hi Denkoo.

    I'm interested too.

    I'm building an application like yours. But I've started just few days ago.
    And, obviously, I encountered many problems!

    So, I downloaded your source code,...
  20. Hi all.

    I've a problem concerning Grid, complex layout (Panels) and plugins for the Grid.
    My application is a Viewport with a Tree menu on the left and a Grid in the center region - which will be...
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    Thank you all, guys. :D

    I've successfully built my application layout.
    For those who are interested, here is the code:

    var itemA = new Ext.Panel({
    id: ...
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    Uhm :-? ...
    Firebug says:
    Setting a center region would destroy my layout.
    So I think it's not the correct implementation.

    However: thanks for the very quickly reply =D>
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    Hi everybody,
    I need your help to understand some layout behaviour.

    My application design schema would be:

    | A | B |
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    I solved by myself!

    It was a simple misunderstanding of the syntax of params object.

    You should use (note the quotes):

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    Ok, I need your help.

    I would call store.load() with the same params as filter plugin does.

    In a grid, when I filtered out a column, the store.load() is called with these params (thanks to...
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