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  1. I had to add width and height parameters so that bcmillustrator's example would display.

    Ext.define('GameApplication.ShipComponent', {
    alias : 'widget.ship', // added to take advantage of...
  2. +1 to see this officially implemented. We had to override this bug for ExtJS 3 and now I can't find an existing solution for ExtJS 4.
  3. Just encountered this today. The only silver lining is this forum thread is the first result in google.
  4. It is possible to use both the RowExpander and grouping feature in the same grid. Get 4.0.6. The RowExpander shipped with 4.0.2a does not work.
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    I just tested Firefox 3.0.6 against some of the examples. None of them exhibit the problem you displayed. I have only seen this problem when developing my own theme. Usually the css image offset that...
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