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  1. I have the same problem with GXT 1.5.4 -- I have a BorderLayout with two panels: EAST and CENTER, and I want the EAST panel to be collapsed initially.

    public void onModuleLoad() {
  2. Try calling borderLayout.collapse(LayoutRegion.SOUTH) instead of southPanel.collapse().
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, but I am using Maven and if I start going that route then I may as well create a gxt-1.2.4-patch project, deploy it to my repository and add it as a dependency above...
  4. I am using GXT 1.2.4 and had the same issue.

    For various reasons I can only use the distributed GXT 1.2.4 jar, so the SVN fix is not an option. However I did come up with the following...
  5. I've tried that a few times. Sometimes it fixes a rendering problem for one class but when used in another class I get rendering problems (e.g. fields on top of each other) that I don't get when...
  6. I typically do the following:

    class FooView extends LayoutContainer {

    // Fields that I want to reference throught the code.
    private final TextField<String> fooField = createFooField();...
  7. D'oh. It seems obvious now that I should have just added all buttons into the button bar and called setVisible() on each button as required, rather than adding and removing buttons and redrawing the...
  8. Thanks for the info.

    The layout() method is protected. I had to subclass StatusButtonBar and override layout() to change the access to public, so that I could see the effect of add() and...
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    I changed my filter to capture redirects from the underlying authentication filter, and then write the redirect URL as the response content.

    My login FormPanel interprets the HTML in the Submit...
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    I am wondering how FormPanel.submit() works.

    I have two GWT resources: Application.html and Login.html. My web.xml defines a custom filter for protecting Application.html. This filter will...
  11. I want to display possibly thousands of objects in a grid, but not load all the objects into client at once.

    I see the paging grid model at, but I am wondering if...
  12. The outer LayoutContainer has a setSize(400,100) call, and also has a FitLayout to hold the ContentPanel.

    Regardless, I also added an explicit setSize(400,100) call to the ContentPanel, but still...
  13. I have a Layout that has a ContentPanel, and in that ContentPanel is a tree. I have set the ContentPanel to collapsible and also to auto scroll. I have also set the ContentPanel to be expanded when...
  14. Thanks for the info.

    The applyEmptyText() method is private in GridView but is called by GridView.refresh() so I did the following:

    public void notifySearchStart() {
  15. I have a grid that displays search results. Initially the empty text of the grid is set to "No results for search". This works fine on startup. When I do a search, I clear the store and add results:...
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    Have you tried something like this:

    class LoginController {

    public void login(String username, String password) {
    ... do login ...
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    You can call the setId() method of a component to do this. This will set an "id" property in the element in the DOM.
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    Apaprently three chapters from the alpha edition are available for purchase ... is this a good chunk of the book? Do I need to buy additional chapters as they become available, or are they gratis?
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    You could add a validator:

    new FileUploadField() {{
    this.setValidator(new Validator() {
    public String validate(Field field, String value) {
    GWT.log("Got a value: " + value,...
  20. I want to add and remove buttons from a button bar in a window, depending on state.

    The code I have at the moment does the following:

    class Wizard extends Window {

    private void...
  21. So ... the issue is Firefox is too slow to render the grid without displaying the background brielfy, since IE and Chrome have no problems?
  22. I have an application that displays a dark blue background, and on top of that background is a container with multiple tabs, and in each tab is a grid. Both grids have lots of data so that a...
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    I looked at the source code of and found the following style: ext-el-mask-msg, with the message defined in an inner DIV.

    I looked at ext-all.css and saw a style defined as...
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    I am currently calling grid.el().mask("Loading...") to set a mask when manually loading data into a grid.

    I see that I can also use HTML here for basic styling: grid.el().mask("<div...
  25. Thanks -- I was looking at the API for GridView but this method slipped right past me :-)
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