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  1. @aflx : thanks for the precisionm. Perhaps I am missing something, I don't know what brokes between beta3 and rc that would make me have to use compass. Anyway, I will wait the rc2 or final as it...
  2. @aflx : is there a new release rc1 or is it the current public rc ?

    I have the same issue as @irvaz migrating from b3 to rc, labelWidth is not working as expected.
    This is only happening when...
  3. I fix that by using sencha build tools to make one file containing all classes.

    One thing is that the step of compressing and obfuscate is not working for me so I disable this step
  4. Hi,

    Same problem here with a Galaxy Tab running 3.2
    with Sencha Touch 2 beta 3 packed inside PhoneGap 1.4.1

    02-17 00:45:25.499: D/PhoneGapLog(6619): Uncaught Error: [Ext.Loader] Failed loading...
  5. great news !
  6. Hi,

    I have a TabPanel with 5 items. Each item is a Ext.navigation.View that contains several items with autoDestroy: false.

    A reset() on a navigationview that is not on screen doesn't go to the...
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    Thank you for this quick reply, what would be the good way to use the look of the back button without firing the navigation view behavior?
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    I have this exact same weird behavior, I set a button as ui back in a toolbar and when clicked, the navigation view is pop
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