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  1. No, I don't want to show up an editor to the user, no user interaction.

    What in fact happens is that there's a column which contains a value. This value is a primary key of another model, and what...
  2. Hi all,

    I have the rowIndex and colIndex of a cell which I want to edit its value (in a way almost like a renderer).

    How can I edit its value? I can't find the correct methods for this.
  3. I fixed this behaviour using pure CSS.
    First you need to set a CSS class to the TabPanel in the JS code:

    xtype: 'tabpanel',
    tabPosition: 'bottom',
  4. OK, I have found the iconAlign property of the tab, but I still didn't manage to make it work.

    Tried like this:

    items: [
    title: 'Home',
  5. I'm trying to achieve something that essentially looks like this, but using a TabPanel rather than simple buttons in ExtJS 4.2.0.


    But I can't find the configuration or property to align...
  6. I need to find the correct event that is fired every time an item is selected in a single-selection type of ComboBox.
    The documentation can be a little bit unclear about this. Here's a link for...
  7. Sorry for grave digging, but I think this is useful for those who arrive from search engines.

    This thread is about ExtJS 2 BTW.
    On ExtJS 4 you can do like this:

  8. Still not working here too.
  9. Hello,

    I need to temporarily suppress a textfield from firing it's dirtychange event before grammatically change its value and then enable it again. How is it possible?

    In the source-code of...
  10. Hello,

    I have a Model defined, which is working really well in a TreePanel and the function save() is also working fine.

    I'm trying to make a load() to get a single instance of this model...
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  12. OK, just changing the function to:

    listeners: {
    beforeappend: function(self, node, eOpts) {
    if ( {
    return false;
  13. Hello,

    According to ExtJS 4.2.0 documentation about TreeStore's "beforeappend" event, if I will return false, the node will not be appended (the operation will be canceled).
  14. Yes, this plugin can replace it, and it will also look really nice :)
  15. Hello,

    I am working on migrating a desktop application to a web application. In this application, there is a screen that have a Checkbox List, like the one above:


    I am trying to find...
  16. Yes! setReader() worked perfectly! Thanks!
  17. I have a TreePanel which will have a maximum of 3 levels. First level is the tree's root, which will use a TreeStore to retrieve its children. These children will never be leaves, and they can use...
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    I have a TreePanel in ExtJS4 which is adding to the end of the url this:


    If it's the root node. If it's a child node, instead of root, it will add the ID.

    How can I remove...
  19. TreePanels in ExtJS 4 are adding weird parameters to the end of the specified URL in the model's proxy. First parameter was something about caching that I was able to disable setting noCache: false....
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