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  1. From what I understand, Firefox uses gradient styles to generate the gradient but there is also a css that has IMAGES to create that gradient.

    The rule I am interested in is:

    .x-reset .x-nlg...
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    We went for the "quicker" way. I just render a full Ext file the way I want, with inline stores and etc.

    In the future we gonna need to move to the JSON way and create Rest interfaces...
  3. I am using a Ext component that has a blue gradient on its header bar.

    When I use ext-all.css, I can see that bar in firefox and IE8, if I use the ext-all-scoped.css WITH the "Ext = {...
  4. I am having that same problem.
    IMO ExtJS stylesheets should not mess with global selectors.

    I know they do this so ExtJS components can look nice in any browser, but maybe they could do something...
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    Hello everyone.
    I am trying to use a treegrid component to display a JSON.
    The main problem I have is that the JSON doenst follow the usual hierarchy with "children" for example.
    I have to display...
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