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  1. Hello everyone.

    I am interested in forming a new group of developers of Ext Js here in the city of Guatemala. If anyone here is interested please contact me.

  2. Hi all.

    I created a few charts to prove their ability. But when I try to prove the result in IE9, the font of each of the labels isn't standard. Here is the print to give an idea:


  3. It seems that it was error for the 4.0.2a version because update to version 4.0.7 and everything works perfect.

    Thank you so much for the help @skirtle

    ...and you too @stevil
  4. ExtJs ver. 4.0.2a
  5. Still nothing. :((

    I try to simplify my code and now looks like this:

    var gridPanel = Ext.create('Ext.grid.Panel', {
    flex: 0.60,
    store: store,
    id: 'store-form',
  6. Thanks @skirtle I open a new thread here:

    If you could help me, I'd...
  7. Now try the three ways that you have suggested me, but unfortunately none worked for me :(. In the process I realized that the scroll bar does not appear, although it does scroll with the mouse :-?....
  8. I have a form panel with a grid inside, but the header of the columns are not fitted into it. I've tried this on Chrome, IE9 and FF and getting the same error.


    This is the code of my...
  9. I'm getting the same error here, but only with the headers of each column... :(

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    Same error... I tried everything yesterday and nothing seems to work :((

    I copy&paste your code and included on my index.php

    This is part of my code:


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    Thanks for the reply SMMJ_Dev

    I copy&paste the code you give me above in a new file that I called "temp.js" but now I got the next error:

    And I include only that file.

    Can you help me with...
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    Same here, can anyone help me with this ?

    Firebug Error:
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