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  1. Take a look at the "hidden" example of the 1.1 version - touch/examples/list-search/

    The example shows how to filter the underlying store of a list
  2. I solved it with this snippet:

    // create datepicker field
    var datePicker = new Ext.form.DatePicker({
    name: 'birthday',
    label: 'Birthday'

    // solve it through direct listeners...
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    When I config the plugin with
    showClear: false it still tries to access the button and its "undefined" dom.

    I changed line 217 of Ext.ux.touch.Rating.js:

    if( == this.clearBtn.dom){...
  4. Hi there,

    is there any possibility to create a small toolbar action button without adding new CSS classes?

    Or better: When I change the

    $button-height: 1.8em;

    $button-height: 1.5em;
  5. Same problem here - i tried all I can think of (fired click event, deferred focus(), cmp.fieldEl.dom.focus(), createRange..) - some methods worked on chrome desktop but not on the iphone itself. I...
  6. ext-touch-debug.js line 14823:


    if (!afterRenderEvent.hasOwnProperty(property)) {

  7. I'm testing on an iPad device if this helps
  8. Hi there,

    I experience a bad behaviour with using a select box on the second page in a Carousel. It will always try to reswitch to "the first" / another page.

    Short Example:

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    navigator.onLine as used in the ext-touch.js does the trick! \:D/
  10. What I also found in the getting started guide: A ";" inside of a div tag in the examples at "Creating the Application JavaScript File".

    '<div class="avatar"><img src="{profile_image_url}"...
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    What is the best way to check if the device is online? Create a simple ajax request and check if it gets timed out?
  12. I like your extension and using it already, so grt thx beforehand.

    Using NestedSet's is a cool thing, but using one root for all subnodes is quite hard to maintain if sth, whatever (pssbly a...
  13. After leaving this one alone for some time I found out that my error was, corresponding to the original source by larowlan, on line 24.

    this.header =...
  14. That was exactly what I was searching for, thanks for your contribution larowlan!

    It works quite good and I managed to extend the code for my needs with a second tool-button.

    What I had to do...
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