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    Am I missing something... I'm having no luck with the ant task, and your comments and the docs make it seem oddly procedural.

    The things I don't understand is where it's looking for configs and...
  2. FYI, It's present in 4.1.2a commercial, which is recent as of 9/18/2012
  3. Was just parsing the ExtJS source to create a completions file for Sublime Text 2, and noticed this for both DragDrop and TreeViewDragDrop:

    @cfg {ObjectBoolean} containerScroll

    I assume this...
  4. As noted in the API doc comments from a few people:!/api/Ext.panel.Panel-cfg-border

    The doc description says that "border" should act like the CSS short hand...
  5. We really need hierarchical organization of Classes, unless I'm missing something obvious..

    SA 2.1 does a great job of code abstraction for reuse, but with such abstractions come with many...
  6. FYI, I ran into this problem on 4.1.1 as well.

    Further investigation shows that the issue is still present in 4.1.1a, but is fixed in the (currently support subscriber-only version) 4.1.2a build
  7. Thank's, I'll look into that tomorrow
  8. Here's a plugin which will "inline" any arbitrary ExtJS component inside a Grid or TreeGrid.

    It targets per-cell selection, and has visual indicators for such.

    Through configuration, a check...
  9. Is there a (rough) ETA for 2.2?
  10. This would be convenient for something like adding the RowExpander plugin to the grid... Starting out, I assumed I could do this.

    Since I can't, not sure how to do something so simple like use a...
  11. Same problem here.

    Windows 8 64bit RTM

    I can never switch between accordion panels, no matter how many there are. In fact, I can never click on anything except the first accordion panel on the...
  12. I can't be the only one who has noticed, but the online documentation is unusable on iOS.

    On a phone sized device, not at all. On an iPad you can kind of limp around but its horrifically...
  13. I can't get to the save part because the load fails.. the load operation returns:

    "id" : 6,
    "type" : "Leaf",
    "leaf" : true,
    "nodeParentId" : 3,
    "text" : "2c"
  14. Quick overview,

    I've got a controller, model, store, and view to build a simple Tree whose data backed by RESTful JSON services.

    I got all of the above working just fine (the TreePanel view...
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