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  1. Hi

    We have the same issue and pretty much tried all the ugly solutions to stop the tap event from going through the Done-button and on the button that sits below the selectfield popup.



    Here is how I did it:

    I added a individual cls to the iconCls on each tab. If I hade
    iconCls: 'home' before, I now have
    iconCls: 'home firstTab'
  3. Thanks for the help!
    I have tried to find how to set the active color (not the $ative-color) via a sass class but can't find the correct selector for it. Do you know what selector it is that I...
  4. I am looking for a way to have five tabs in a view that extends the Ext.TabPanel and where all tabs should have there own $active-color.

    My wishes are that the first tab, when active, is red and...
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