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  1. The disabled expired days can stay like that. Thats not a problem.

    I am trying to resolve the width of the calendary - it cuts off after 5 days.

    Should I still try what you wrote above?
  2. Thanks for quick response. :)

    Being that it is a reservations form it has to be set that way.
    Or is there a way to do it differently and still make it so they cannot reserve a past date and time?...
  3. Hi Mitchell,

    It took a while but I finally got a customer to send a screen capture(see below) so we could know exactly what we are dealing with.

    I am told that this displays as shown below in...
  4. Hi,

    We have had a few customer say they could not choose the future dates they wanted because they would appear to be blacked out?

    Any ideas?
    Thank you in...
  5. Hi,

    I have created a 2nd email field on extjs form version 3.4.0

    I want it so that the user CANNOT cut and paste from the their first email address entry?

    Is it possible?
    Any insight or...
  6. Understood.

    1. But it did work.
    2. It does work when you click back one month via arrow.
    3. After click on arrow and you click forward, THEN it works.

    So, something is keeping it from...
  7. Hey all,

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the help in the past.

    Ok so we have been using the most current 3.x version for our reservation form

    but recently it...
  8. Anyone have time to try this for me? :)

    go to this domain

    and let me know how long it takes to load?

    Thanks again - greatly appreciated
  9. Thank you so much for taking the time.

    If anyone else can try this for me and report back - I would appreciate it.

    I would like to get a consensus on it. Atleast 10 tries from different...
  10. Hi,

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the help in the past.

    Ok, here is my problem.

    I have a form running on

    Issue: It seems to take a few seconds to load....
  11. Thank you.
    I will post #1 in help section.

    #2 - Version 3.0.0
  12. Hi,

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the help in the past.

    Ok, here are my issues.

    I have a form running on

    Issue #1: It seems to take a few seconds to load....
  13. Thanks. :)

    I got it to work with a "click to recalculate" link. I couldnt get it to refresh on the fly though.
  14. bump :)
  15. Hi,

    I have a tab that I am filling with remote data when I activate the tab. It works fine,
    until I try to run it and update asthe result of a field change. I need to click on the tab for the...
  16. Thank you! That was it.

    You guys rock!! =D>
  17. Honestly it's more like I didn't understand the docs. I have been using getForm().submit() in the button handler from the examples, and didn't see the correlation. Now I get it. Thank you for...
  18. yourform.submit() isn't a method of an Ext.form.FormPanel

    I tried this. Nothing so far..

    title: 'Compare Rates',
  19. No, when I click the tab to switch to the tab, when the tab becomes active, I want that to click a submit button of a form. So , how to programmatic ally click a button from the tab becoming active.
  20. Hi Again. My latest question.. I have a tabpanel, When I activate a particular tab, I want to click a form button as a result of the tab activation. I'm not sure where to start.
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    Perfect , thats just the ticket ! Thanks Again. This forum is awesome. Hopefully I can give back something at some point. I am finding the learning curve a little steep.
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    Hi All
    I have a form with 10 fields , some custom vtype validation. It is working fine thanks to help from the forum. Now I want to add a second submit button that will only use 4 of the 10 fields....
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    Thank you! The space was the answer all along. I appreciate the help. I'll remember to use code tags in future posts also.
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    Ok so I put this in with a modified image that is transparent. I have it below ext-all.css

    <style type="text/css">
    .x-btn-tl, .x-btn-tr, .x-btn-tc, .x-btn-ml, .x-btn-mr, .x-btn-mc, .x-btn-bl,...
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    Thank you. I have found this in the css. What I still am not sure of is how to override this without going in and breaking the existing css. I have tried to override. As far as restructuring the...
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