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  1. Yes, but what about menus? The Menu class doesn't define such method.
    Basically everything that is opened on top of the viewport seems to have this problem, whether it's a window, a menu, a...
  2. Hi,
    I tryed my app on Opera 9.51 and I get a weird behaviour: on each popup, whether it's a window or a menu, all the text is selected. And there is a blue frame around it.

    Has anyone experienced...
  3. On GXT 1.0.1, in hosted mode and web mode, on windows xp....
    There seem to be a bug in the method onLoad (line 410) because at the time of loading, the object hasn't been rendered yet (in my...
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    Hi, how can I have a username/password to checkout from the GXT repository?
    The credentials for the forums don't seem to work.
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    Does anyone know how to do it?
  6. El element = event.getTargetEl();
    int x = event.getClientX();
    int y = event.getClientY();

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    I need to open a popup menu on a Window, like a context menu but with a left click, so I'm using the Menu directly. The problem is that when I show it using showAt(x,y) the menu is displayed...
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    Hi, I don't know if this has been discussed already but I think a WindowClosed event is missing, or, as the event model has been implemented, a windowClosed method is missing in WindowListener. In...
  9. Thanks gslender!
    It works fine.
  10. Hi, I would like to catch a mouse click on a Html or a HtmlContainer. There is no MouseEvent class... I saw an Events.OnClick but I can't get it work.
    I tryed this:

    HtmlContainer html =...
  11. Hi, is there a way of setting the cursor back and forth to sundial and default in extgwt?
  12. I found what's causing the misalignment !
    It's the instruction


    Once I removed it the column values are correctly aligned i.e. are rendered inside the column. That...
  13. I also came across this bug. For now I create each time a new Dialog, but it's not a good solution. Did you find a nicer workaround?
  14. Hi Darrel,
    I did set the layout after posting the code. I tryed to follow the code in the Explorer example and I saw the missing layout. After adding it nothing changes. The columns are still not...
  15. Please help, what's wrong with the table? The data in the columns are not aligned with the column headers.

    I tryed to size the ContentPanel but nothing happens. I also tryed to fiddle with...
  16. I downloaded the beta4 today and compile with the gwt 1.5 rc1, and I'm having the same problem. I tryed to set the size of the container ContentPanel but doesn't help. The cells are not aligned to...
  17. I did, and then I posted the question. I need to build a table in which each single cell should be selectable, so I can perform some actions on the cell.
    I just wanted to know if this is possible...
  18. Hi, is it possible to select a single cell in a column, other than the entire row?
  19. Hi, is there a document that explains how the store - model api is intended to be used?
    I am trying to use GXT for a project but I am constantly trying to understand the picture of things (the whole...
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