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  1. Greetings to All, I have a window that displays a grid which contains a remote store, according to the examples I saw it set to be infinite, however when I move the scroll in the grid that does not...
  2. If we want to show the value of multiple columns in a combobox displayField only thing we have to do is put curly braces in the separation of the fields as shown here:

    displayField: "code} - {...
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    If you would like to associate a model to itemselector, so that the right items on the list are those that are saved as would be the implementation. That would be my great doubt.
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    Thanks so much. sorry i didn't look at the examples.
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    Greetings Comrades,
    I have a form where you want to display two lists between which items I want to spend.
    The idea is that the user selects a set of words in a list and locate in another list. ...
  6. Your Welcome. The code is simple and i resolve my problem that was only syntaxis in the json stream... jeje
  7. Thanks Evan,
    Apparently it was a typical mistake layer 8 = P
  8. Greetings to All.
    Follow the example in!/example/tree/treegrid.html
    I want to make an ajax call to a Java method that returns a json object, that I can do...
  9. If I send a string with json format the tree grid panel doesn't read it. And I try to send it a StreamResponse with a JSONObject but it fails...
  10. Ext.require([
    extend: '',
    fields: [
  11. var store = new {
    model: 'Arbol',
    proxy: {
    type: 'ajax',
    url:'index.gettreegriddata' // this is the url of the tapestry service thath...
  12. I have a GridPanel and want it to be filled through an ajax call to a service of Tapestry. According to the example that is in #! / Example / tree / treegrid.html...
  13. Probe with that code and still does not work. I guess it must be a framework problem or something .. Because I have seen many examples and it works, but for some reason the focus is not working ......
  14. Everything is done with a framework for ExtJS, called CCI that is already implemented,
    That's why I focused only on the part of the "MixedCollection" you said before, and how to capture the whole...
  15. Todo esta hecho con un framework para ExtJS, llamado CCI que ya esta implementado,
    Es por eso que me enfoque solo en la parte del "MixedCollection" que dijiste antes, y en la forma de capturar el...
  16. Thanks again for your help,
    What happens is I use a framework that encapsulates many of the statements made in ExtJS and in the backend i have jpa, that is the reason for the model property and why...
  17. Yes, the specialkey event is fired, because when i replace the .focus by .hightlight it works.
    Then, the second question. If I want to do it that way, as it should?
  18. Hello partners:
    I'm trying to override de enter key instead Tab key as navigation key on a form. What I do is to catch the enter key and then set the focus into the next field in the form, but...
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    Saludos Cordiales,
    Tratando de emular el enter en lugar del Tab para navegar en un form, estoy capturando el evento enter y luego seteando el focus en el siguiente elemento del formulario. El...
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