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  1. Hmm I see, thank you! :)
  2. Hi guys, I have this little function to go through all the children on a panel:

    var name = 'lolazo';

  3. Or you could just post a link and the advice and be done with it. :)
  4. Very helpful, as always.

    If anyone stumble on the same problem:
  5. Hello guys,

    I have a button in a grid, that when pushed it does a getForm().load(...).

    The form is in another tab, and the problem goes away once I have clicked that tab.

    This looks like the...
  6. Hi saki, I'm trying to set some disabled dates dynamically, but I'm encountering some problems.

    With setDisabledDays there is no problem, the XDateField updates correctly. But setDisabledDates...
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    Ughh I just discovered that, that override prevents my panels from collapsing at all.
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    I have this function, still same results :(



    // turn on validation errors beside the field globally
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    Hmmm I have a tabpanel, one of its tabs is a formpanel, which in turn contains a panel (for layout purposes), this panel contains a number of formfields, which in turn one of these items is a...
  10. Thank you Condor,

    It seems that what I needed for it to work as expected was to call doLayout() after I added the hidden fields to the form panel.

    I was using this to dynamically add some...
  11. Hi guys, I have the following components:

    xtype: panel
    camposOcultos: [array with some items in it]

    xtype: form
    It had some items added to it, that are referenced...
  12. Ah, excellent, it's working! :)
  13. Just a quick correction, it's: dom.innerHTML (caps, was wondering why it wasn't working hehe).

    And it almost does what I want. Using that method, it appends to the end of the panel DIVs, no in the...
  14. Aha! indeed, thanks a lot!

  15. Hi guys,

    It's a simple question I think, but haven't been able to find how to do it.

    I have found Panel.update, but this replaces the old HTML with the new one.
    What I'm trying to achieve is...
  16. Ok, but it just doesn't feel clean if I need to hack it that way. It would be better if you have those available as config options....

    So while I wait for Ext 3.0, I will use the 'standard'...
  17. Hmmm I've been tinkering with this, and although I have made some progress, I think it's not that easy.

    For example, I don't see anywhere how to tell the errorReader from where to read the errors...
  18. Ahhh thanks! that was exactly what I was looking for! :D
  19. Thank you, I will try your first approach.

    But how do I tell my FormPanels to use that brand new JsonReader instead of it's internal BasicForm's one?
  20. After reading this:

    I was wondering what's the point to let the user set (if needed) the success property used in the...
  21. Thanks both of you.

    I didn't understand your first message, I thought my example was very clear.
  22. Hello guys,

    I want to avoid the "new Ext..." whenever possible, how can I "transform" this line to the xtype version?

    bbar: new Ext.StatusBar({defaultText: 'Listo'})

    Is it even possible?
  23. Wooah! This was an interesting read.

    I was myself in the position of learning JS along with ExtJS (not easy the first days). I'm not an expert (yet!) but I can comfortably find my way around...
  24. Alright, thank you.
  25. Polite bump. ~o)
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