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  1. I added a dynamic combbox in a grid, the name of valuefield is 'OID', the displayfiled is 'PRODUCT_NAME'.
    I edit a data row, and change the product and click 'Update'.


    When I edit...
  2. I have a grid with over 200 columns, I want to list all the fields in this grid automatically, I don't want to write these fields in a grid or store or model one by one, what should i do?
  3. yes, they are on the same server.
  4. I made a form panel, when I click save button, I want to call the web service to add data.
    I published the web site and web service on my computer, On my own computer the form is submitted...
  5. It works, I used 'add' method. Thanks for your great help.
  6. I want to click 'Page P1 Show', show the panel 'P1', when click 'Page P2 show', show the panel 'P2'.

    Panel 'P1'

    Panel 'P2'


    I used the following code to create the panels...
  7. yes, Page.P4 as a item renderTo a container.
  8. Thanks for you help.
    I did it as you said, but i need this panel/ container render to another container 'ControllerA'. When I am resizing
    'ControllerA', the combobox is not resized.

    Below is...
  9. I need to create a combobox on a container dynamicly , I have to use 'renderTo' atrribute , I want this combobox to be resized when the contianer is resized. what should i do?
  10. I need to put a combobox on a container, I have to use 'renderTo' atrribute, I want this combobox to be resized when the contianer is resized. what should i do?
  11. I have two controllers: 'ControllerA', ''ControllerB'', when 'CtronllerA' is Initialized, view 'WindowA' is showed, when 'CtronllerB' is Initialized, view 'WindowB' is showed. There is a button 'B1'...
  12. I have a container object in view port, i set the layout 'fit', then i render a toolbar to this container, when this container is rendering, i put these codes in this event:
  13. thanks for your help. But I don't know a controller how to manage a special view. I have selected a controller's views attribute, but i doesn't work. Can you give me a sample ?
  14. I have two windows: 'winA' and 'winB' in sencha architect project, Both of them have a combBox with id 'cmbList'. I created two controllers 'Controller.winA' and 'Controller.winB', I want to...
  15. I have a emergency question, if there are several developers how to control the source code?
    Does it support for many developers at the same time?
  16. thanks for your great help.
  17. I have a sencha architect project using extjs4.0, i want to upgrade it to extjs4.1, I can not find a way in sencha architect, please tell me how to do it. thanks.

    In addition, I want to know...
  18. I created a window 'A' and window 'B' in Sencha Architect, I clicked one button in Window 'A', I want to route to Window B, not show a new window and destroy the old window, I don't know how to do...
  19. When I sign in Sencha Architect using Sencha ID and Password, There is a error message: 'A communication error has occurred' .


    When I activate Sencha Architect, there is also a error...
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