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    Thanks for your comment Eugen,

    Have you thought about what impact your choice of GXT have had for your project? Any UI development will encounter issues that needs working around, but do you have...
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    Admittedly I've only spent a few hours trying to get a feel for Ext GWT, but I get this uneasy feeling that it will not work well for me. There documentation is a bit lacking, but I have no trouble...
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    I'm building an interface where key bindings and tabbing is essential, however I get stuck on defining the tab key order.

    I'm using the LoginDialog in the MailApp sample from the distribution. The...
  4. And the problem is fixed with 1.0.4 that is compiled against GWT 1.5.2.

    Most likely down to something about JSNI code compiled with 1.4.x not being compatible with code compiled in 1.5.2.

  5. Workaround

    The problem has something to do with that LayoutData is set in Component by a Java method , whilst it is being read by JSNI.

    Layout.insert(Widget widget, int index, LayoutData...
  6. Platform: Mac OS X, Java 1.5.0_13
    GWT: 1.5.2
    GXT: 1.0.1
    Safari: 3.1.2

    The following code displays badly in hosted mode.

    public void onModuleLoad() {
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