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  1. It's been quite some time but if i understand your reply, i now have that CProject object in my base model which contains the data for the model which is wrong, i should use the map from the super to...
  2. I'm having a small problem is that my combobox displays that there are rows but it doesn't show the text within the rows (so i have empty rows).

    My code is as follow:

    // Create a ListLoader ...
  3. Like said before:

    Comment 21 describes a patch for GWT 1.6.4 which prefents this problem. Don't put this patch in your...
  4. Ah oke, that makes it a lot clearer... i used to work with the GWT-Ext library which wrappes ExtJS for GWT. Thats why i got a bit confused.
  5. I think you mean:

    GXT 2.x works with GWT 1.6 only.
    GXT 1.x works with GWT 1.5


    So if i understand correctly, GXT is a GWT compiled version of ExtJS so it includes the ExtJS code....
  6. What i miss on the Ext-GWT product page is version compatibility, which version of Ext-GWT works with which version of ExtJS and GWT.

    Does anybody have a clue with what version of ExtJs and GWT...
  7. Hi all, just to keep this post up-to-date the website about compiling gwt-ext has changed:
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