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  1. Thanx Condor, but I'm confused where to user that code.

    here is my code for the date column of a grid:
    xtype: 'datecolumn',
    header: 'Confirm Date',
  2. Hi,
    I'm having problem on displaying date value on grid.
    I have set the field to date in my JsonStore and also in column model of the grid and set its format to d/m/y.

    The grid displays date...
  3. Hi,
    sorry about the guidelines.
    i think i found what was causing the problem.
    it was the format of my json data: there were two extra double quote in my json data
    when i removed those quote,...
  4. Hi
    thanx for reply.

    below is the section of my code:

    xtype: 'gridcolumn',
    header: 'Manufacturer',
    sortable: true,
    width: 100,
  5. I'm using combo box in grid editor. and i have to populate a long list ( around 250) in a combo box.
    but when the number of records exceeds 134 then combo box does not show anything when i click it....
  6. Hi,

    this is my scenario:
    I've GridPanel inside View Port which has double click event to open a new window for a corresponding record that is double clicked. Now when i change the record in the...
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    actually there are 4 .js files generated by Ext Js designer. I mentioned first two. third is javascript for datastore and fourth is xds_index.js which contains the following code:...
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    Ext Js designer generates two javascript file after exporting: .ui.js and .js files.
    I edit .js file to attach event handler code. First I tested attaching event handler when a row is selected in...
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    i'm using ext Js designer and need to use double click function on grid's row that opens new window to edit doubled clicked record.
    can anyone help!!
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