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  1. I'd like to increase or decrease the smoothing on a line series but it doesn't appear that the smoothing property accepts anything other than true or false.

    Is this a bug or can I try something...
  2. Yes, I need the labels to be near the data point markers, or where the markers would be if they were visible.
  3. I've tried to take the energy chart example and add a labelField:'coal' property to the coal series but it doesn't appear to have any effect. Are labels broken in the charts?
  4. I got this functionality to work by pulling out the stacked interaction code and calling it programatically.

    Here is the stack interaction code:

    toggleStacked: function(cmp) {
    var me =...
  5. Setting autoMaximize to true doesn't seem to hide the address bar whenever the user clicks on a text input field. Is there something else that needs to be set to handle hiding the address bar when...
  6. Was this issue fixed in 2.0?
  7. When I go to use either the stbuild or latest sencha utility I get the following error:

    Error: Target id is not valid. Use 'android.bat list targets' to get the target
    Copy operation failed...
  8. I've been trying to add a series with the following as part of its configuration:

    label: {
    'text-anchor': 'end',
    field: this.currentMeasure,
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    Are there any examples of using the renderTpl config property in the Ext.List component?
  10. I found it, I was trying to use items as an array instead of a mixed collection..
  11. First I add checkboxes like


    where this is a panel.

    Then I later attempt to get a reference to all the checkboxes so I can set them all to...
  12. Aside from recursively looping through child nodes, is there another way to retrieve all the elements in a tree while preserving the tree hierarchy?
  13. The TreeStore getChildren() method doesn't appear to exist in this update
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    For anyone who is interested, here is the solution I came up with which overrides the ScriptTagProxy object but avoids the model creation code.

    Ext.define('Ext.ux.JSONP', {
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    Something along the lines of Saki's Ext.ux.MsgBus is what I mean, but I've written a similar replacement:

    Ext.define('Ext.ux.MessageBroker', {
    extend: 'Ext.util.Observable',

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    Does anyone know of an easy way to perform a single jsonp request? There used to be an Ext.utils.JSONP class but it doesn't seem to be in the beta 1 release. Is it going to be included later or is...
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    Does anyone know of a way to raise and respond to "global" events? There used to be a plugin for 3 that did this rather nicely but I'm not sure if it would still work for 4.
  18. I just checked and it seems the events aren't being fired in Chrome 12 either
  19. It seems that neither the 'changed' or 'selected' event are fired on the ComboBox component in Firefox 4. Has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone know of a workaround?
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    Is there a way to prevent a grid from rendering but not prevent events on subcomponents (like the store)? I've tried .suspendEvents() on both the grid and the GridView but they don't seem to work....
  21. I've been using Ext.grid.getView().refreshRow(record) in 2.2.0. Even though it isn't documented it seems to work great. Is this method not available in 3.0?

    What I would like to see is a...
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    I have an editor grid with 8 columns and it appears that the more rows I have, the longer it takes to move between cells. For example, when I have 353 rows it generally takes around 10 seconds to tab...
  23. I've tried using the 'O' format with '-0400' for EST but got the same result. Is there any way (outside of manually adjusting for the desired timezone) to force the browser to parse into a foreign...
  24. I'm referring to the 3/4 letter code 'EST'. What I expected (and what happens in FF and Chrome) is for the date to be converted into the desired timezone regardless of the timezone the user's browser...
  25. If you run this from a FF browser in a different timezone (I've been simply changing the system time), it correctly converts the date to EST. However IE (6 and 7) override it with the local timezone....
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