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    Afaik GWT grid needs the number of columns and rows, not pixel size. Plus you can resize it in the future if the number of columns and rows grows.
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    Let's start with Grid cannot expand (or flow) to infinity. That Grid must have a size dead set.
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    Probably. I can't say that GWT is more native that GXT. GWT is for web-app while GXT attempts to emulate desktop in web browser. This is a different situation to compare with SWT, AWT, SWING.

  4. Take a look at:


    The LiveGroupSummary last column gets chopped off by the Scrollbar.
  5. It works. Thanks a lot Sven!
  6. So when executing the first event, set the doit to false? or... ?

    By the way, this is a workaround right?

    Whether we're stopping the event or not, this is a bug.
  7. What?

    I installed one listener to the ComboBox and I expect that to be called once if I hit enter once. That is the expected behavior.
  8. This bug still exist in GXT 1.2.1

    Here's the code (the keyListener will be executed twice):

    package com.extjs.gxt.samples.client.examples.forms;

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    Hi all, I'd like to ask how you guys handle the following situation:

    1) I'm using an EditorGrid
    2) Few columns have editable content
    3) I'd like to modify the model if one of the column is...
  10. Steps:
    1) Go to
    2) Show the drop-down of "Light" column
    3) Use the mouse to highlight (NOTE: do not select, instead highlight)
    4) Press "Enter" on the...
  11. I found this on

    * Remove a item from the store and fires the <i>Remove</i> event.
    * @param model the model to remove
    public void remove(M model) {
  12. When I was debugging my code, I noticed there's a JS exception being thrown when adding an empty list to a ListStore. Is this by design or a bug?

  13. Taken from the

    1) Try to hide the collapseTool of the North ContentPanel
    2) And at the same, make sure the BorderLayoutData.setCollapsible is set to true.

  14. Hi, does anyone know how to show the sort arrow when the Grid is initially loaded (with content of course).

    Currently it only shows the sort when user clicked the header.
  15. Fair enough. I'll try to repro if I could. Maybe it was a fluke on my part.
  16. That's not a good feature: "because it only starts editing if you were editing before". So if I keep on tabbing and hit to a column that is not editable, then suddenly it stops editing? That's not my...
  17. are correct, I guess something wrong with my NPE. But, let's move on to the next bug since NPE is not the one that cause it.

    If you go to a non-editable cell and start tabbing, the next...
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    I'd like to see that cause right now I can't use context-menu to add/delete.
  19. Do you need code? I mean, it's there on your Explorer demo EditableGrid. Go to the last Checkbox and start tabbing.

    If you're referring to the version then here's the version:

    GXT 1.2.1...
  20. Steps:

    1) Create an EditorGrod
    2) Populate the column with the following arrangement:
    [CellEditor], [CellEditor], [ColumnConfig-NonEditable], [CellEditor]
    3) Try tabbing to the last...
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    My bad. I was looking at the older version of the code

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    I'd like to bring up a discussion and see how many people would be interested, then maybe GXT would consider to implement the following:

    1) FormPanel: accepts more than just a Field

  23. Sorry, it's fixed on the newest release. I was still using 1.2 instead of 1.2.1
  24. Scenario:

    In a grid, I have to do the following:

    1) I need to update certain properties of a model when a specific property has changed

    - User selects a product
    - Price and Description need...
  25. Steps:

    1) Use the
    2) Modify createCheckBox()
    3) Set the EditorGrid view to be: grid.getView().setForceFit(true);
    4) Run the explorer demo and resize any columns
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