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    Found it. I was using the getFieldValues() method...

    Found it. I was using the getFieldValues() method of the basic form rather than getValues(). The getValues() method has several options for how the data is retrieved. Sorry for the newbie post.:">
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    How to make checkboxfield submit 1 or 0

    Seems simple enough but I can't figure it out. I have a checkboxfield on a form. Here's my configuration:

    name: 'enforceValidRange',
    xtype: 'checkboxfield',
    fieldLabel: 'Enforce...
  3. [INFOREQ] Ext.Msg sheet doesn't display after native build

    When I use Ext.Msg to display a confirmation dialog it works fine when I'm in development mode and testing with Chrome's device emulator. When I build the app and deploy it to an iPhone nothing is...
  4. "tap through" issue when user taps clear icon on text area field

    I have a set of form fields stacked vertically. The last field on the bottom is a text area field. When the user taps into the field, the keyboard pops up from the bottom of the device as it should....
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    How to customize loadmask for dataview

    I have extended Ext.LoadMask and overridden the getTemplate() function to use my own style classes. This has allowed me to customize the load mask to look exactly like I want it. It works fine when I...
  6. [DUP] I'm sorry Mitchell, I don't feel like I'm getting...

    I'm sorry Mitchell, I don't feel like I'm getting a straight answer here. I'm not requesting a new feature. I'm asking why something that was working in 2.2 is not working in 2.4. That's why I...
  7. [DUP] Ok, bear with me here. First, I can't access that...

    Ok, bear with me here. First, I can't access that link. I get a message indicating that I'm not allowed to. Nonetheless, I'm confused by your answer. There is a method defined on the CartesianChart...
  8. [DUP] Touch 2.4: calling setSeries() on CartesianChart throws error from ItemPublisher

    I upgraded a Touch app from 2.2 to 2.4 and without any code changes I am receiving the following error from chart.series.ItemPublisher when dynamically setting an array of Line Series into a...
  9. [FIXED] Design view always reverts back to first panel in carousel

    To duplicate this bug, just create a new project based on the carousel view. Go to the Project Inspector and click on panel2. Panel 2 is shown in the Design view. Now click either label2 or image2...
  10. I still would like to know why the Build Web App...

    I still would like to know why the Build Web App is grayed out. Sure I could open a command window and build it myself, but why is it not enabled in the IDE? It's probably related to this message I...
  11. My experience evaluating Sencha Architect 3.1

    I really, really want Sencha Architect to work for me. I have been hand-building ExtJS applications for years now. I'm fully committed to ExtJS for desktop Web applications. Now our corporate...
  12. How to make a TextArea field stretch vertically to fill container

    I've got a simple form with one field, a TextArea field. I would like to have that field stretch to fill the available vertical space supplied by the containing form.

    My parent container has a...
  13. doesn't work in Chrome iPad emulator

    In the past I've been able to use the device emulation in Chrome to test my Touch apps with a 'phone' and 'tablet' profile. With the latest version of Chrome this doesn't seem to work anymore. In my...
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    This is still a bug in 2.4.0. Actually, this...

    This is still a bug in 2.4.0.

    Actually, this is a bug with 2.4 and Sencha Cmd 5. When I reverted back to Sencha Cmd 4.x the problem with Ext.Msg went away. geez....
  15. Perhaps if I ask it differently. Is there a way...

    Perhaps if I ask it differently. Is there a way to simply build the required output files and maintain links to them in the production version of my index.html? For example, can I simply build the...
  16. Question about generated output from build process

    In the past, when I've built Ext JS applications, the link to the optimized app.js file was written to my index.html page such that when I viewed the source of the page I could see the link. I am...
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    Solved it in the following manner: Extended...

    Solved it in the following manner:

    Extended Ext.tree.Column and modifed cellTpl to evaluate a 'disabled' property of the record which I set dynamically when I create the record:

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    How to disable checkcolumn in TreePanel

    I would like to disable the checkcolumn in a given node of a TreePanel based on data that I have at the time the node is created as well as data from events that might occur while the user is working...
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    ExtJS 5.0.1 BUILD FAILED

    I upgraded to version 5.0.1 this morning to fix the bug with the wrapped text in the MessageBox. Now I can't build. Here is the output from my build process:

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    Custom Theme overriding Neptune - problems

    This is my first time attempting a custom theme so I followed the "Theming" tutorial from the Ext JS 4.2.2 documentation. I created a custom theme extending the neptune them. At first I thought...
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    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I didn't know...

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I didn't know about the override configuration for Ext.define so that definitely helps. This is an older application that wasn't generated from Sencha Cmd so I didn't...
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    Best Practices: where to put override code?

    When I want to globally override some functionality in an Ext component (and I do this very sparingly) the code doesn't seem to naturally fit anywhere in the MVC folder structure. For example, let's...
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    How to reset panzoom on chart in Touch 2.2

    Because my chart is included in a carousel I don't configure it by default with the PanZoom interaction. This allows the user to swipe through the chart view if desired. If the user double-taps the...
  24. Yes, I spent quite a lot of time doing that. That...

    Yes, I spent quite a lot of time doing that. That is how I usually figure these things out. I guess things changed with the way the style classes are applied to textfields in 2.2 such that I cannot...
  25. How to add border radius and shadow to textfield in Sencha Touch 2.2

    With Sencha Touch 2.1 I was able to achieve a nice effect for my input fields on my login form using the "cls" configuration as follows:

    xtype: 'textfield',
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