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  1. Did you find a solution?

    Hi Mark,
    did you find a solution for this? I am having the same problem (with a selectfield). But the mechanism is the same ...
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    This problem still exists. I realy like(d)...

    This problem still exists. I realy like(d) Sencha, but building apps with Sencha cmd is a pain in the ass. There are sooo many situations when something does not work in production build (or even...
  3. Access right problems with sencha app build production

    I have a really hard time getting Sencha Cmd up and running. Or lets better say to get it working properly.

    sencha app build production starts working but then all of a sudden I always get an...
  4. backend?

    Hi, this looks good! would be interesting to know about the backend. Could you post your test.php?
    Thank you.
  5. Apps running in dev mode don't work in production

    Some things that work in dev mode just don't seem to work in production. Strange stuff. This happenend various times to me.

    Last example: In a controller I have

    this.getInfoPanel().show(); //...
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    [FIXED] still not clear

    Hi Fredric,

    thank you for your answer.

    For local files:

    When I add
    { "path": "local_js/local_js1.js"
    } to app.json, I get the error described before (("Canot read property 'length' of...
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    Sencha CMD documentation

    Hi, is there any documentation and good example stuff available for Sencha cmd? For example
    I don't have any idea, what all the files in the .sencha folder are for (sencha.cfg, properties files...
  8. Relative path problem when serving an app from the server / CMS

    I want to run a Sencha Touch App from a CMS. It's easy to use/include the html generated by sencha app build production.

    In the production app.json I get

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    [FIXED] Include external scripts with Sencha CMD

    When I try to include "external" scrips (from the file system), I have in my app.json

    "js": [
    "path": "touch/sencha-touch.js",
    "x-bootstrap": true
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    As I understand in index.html the only script...

    As I understand in index.html the only script that should physically be included is the microloader stuff. So how could external scripts hosted somewhere else (for example on a Content Delivery...
  11. this still occurs in 4.0.7

    To me it seems this still doesn't work. In 4.0.7 I also use getState and applyState in a grid panel. applyState hides some columns (content) but the header still remain...
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