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  1. It Works

    That works perfect! Thanks so much.
  2. how to change the background color of checklists

    Hi everyone- I am new at sencha touch and have been looking extensively on the web to find a way to change the background color for the check boxes that are part of multiline labels in a radio list....
  3. Solution

    This is rather easy and can't believe I didn't realize it. Simply add this to the configuration of the form

    layout:"margin: 0px auto 0px auto;"
  4. Center a Single FormPanel in Center of Webpage

    I'm sure this is a rookie question, but I have a single form panel as shown below. All I want to do is center this on the page, hopefully with CSS or some other Ext function call. I've tried...
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    Wrap Button Text

    This seems to have been asked several times previously, but no definite answer has ever seemed to be said. One can see with the below button there is a width limitation, therefore it truncates the...
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    Thanks so much those worked perfect. The removal of the css cls and addition of a different one seems to work the best.
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    Dynamically Change Button UI

    The button below, I'd like to toggle between two colors ('Normal' and 'Decline' honestly), which I thought of doing with the ui attribute. Is there any way to update this dynamically, such as in the...
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