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  1. Not everything in the "config" options is in the config block like in Touch. For classic, you should follow the usual extension pattern of putting them definitions on the class for existing...
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    Example here:
  3. The debug file contains many pieces of code like that to give you warnings/illustrate issues in your code. They are stripped out of the production version for the sake of performance.
  4. Not really sure why you're saying this is a bug. The listener for the controller gets wired in at a very early stage and needs to dynamically handle components as they come online/offline. As such,...
  5. I'm not able to reproduce this. Perhaps I'm not fast enough, but even so you might be clicking before the edit has actually completed. I don't imagine this would be an issue for users.
  6. Can you provide some more context? How are you using it? If I do something very simple like:

    Ext.onReady(function() {

    var x = new Ext.util.GeoLocation();
  7. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
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    You can override this behaviour by using:

    new Ext.view.View({
    prepareData: Ext.identityFn,
    // other stuff
  9. Try putting a break point in onCollectionAdd in Store.js.
  10. I think we should consider this, since we have the hide on readOnly config for triggers.
  11. Not really sure of the use case here. Why reload with a local dataset?
  12. Thanks for the post, this has already been resolved.
  13. Out of interest, why change the fields of an existing model? Why not just declare a new one?
  14. As you've said above, we have something to track this already. You can work around this by requiring the StandardSubmit class.
  15. Sorry, that's what I meant by tap. I'd touch, move, release as you described.
  16. Typically this means you've not called the observable constructor in your class, or tried to add listeners before it's been called.
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    You have no data, so there's nothing to render the tpl with.
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  19. Some of those are not config options of show. Note that show does not take all of the configs accepted by the class, see the docs:...
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    Please provide a test case using only the framework. Where do the "starts" and "ends" text parts come from? How are you updating the tip content? The issue doesn't seem to persist when using the...
  21. I'm not able to reproduce the issue (against 5.1.0). Running on a Surface 3 with IE11, I plugged a mouse in.

    I mouse over the panel, see the log. Then I tap, no log.
    I tap the panel, see...
  22. This is part of the example, that's why the label read "select/add location". It uses these options:

    createNewOnEnter: true,
    createNewOnBlur: true,
  23. Why not just profile it? I'd imagine there would be no appreciable difference.
  24. To be clear, you're saying that in your operation callback there is user code that calls destroy on the store?
  25. From an orphan session it will be an exception, once it goes into a session it can't participate elsewhere.

    If it has no session but exists in the parent, it will use the same copying behaviour as...
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