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  1. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.

    editable will become a true config. a renderConfig with an updater which adds/removes the click listener.
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    scrollable is a config.

    You cannot just set it.

    Configs have to be run through their appliers to convert them into the correct internal form. In this case an Ext.scroll.DomScroller (on a...
  3. displayField, displayTpl and other configuration options are genuine configs now.

    So when setDisplayTpl is called during initial configuration, this is before your apply call happens. The setup of...
  4. Hmm.

    This thing of extend to configure is very bad when configs are now real configs.

    Just applying stuff in an overridden initComponent will not work.

    I will fix the fiddle.
  5. Looks like a bug to me. I'll investigate.
  6. The example you gave loaded inline data in memory. Inline memory is cleared upon load.

    I've updated the fiddle to show that it works when you use remote data.
  7. Override applied in fiddle to get you working...
  8. In 5.x, Actionable Mode ( is not implemented. So cell contents which should be focusable are not focusable.

    The checkbox can still be toggled...
  9. Configure your grid with this

    viewConfig: {
    preserveScrollOnReload: true

    It was decided that defaulting to preserving scroll on reload was unnatural. Non buffer rendered grids...
  10. Hi there. I've posted a workaround in the fiddle.

    But queueing up events during a suspend and then firing them all after a whole bunch of operations have happened cannot be guaranteed to work by...
  11. This isn't a bug really. This is a limitation that has been in ExtJS forever. You have never been able to navigate across the locking boundary.

    This limitation is lifted in ExtJS 6.0
  12. The issue being that the scrollTop of the grid gets bumped to zero?

    That's why you see no rows upon return to the grid until you scroll a little. Because the rendered block is translateY down some...
  13. animCollapse: false

    On the border region will work around it.

    The slide of the region removes the region's element and wraps it in another element. Removal from DOM kills scroll positions. We...
  14. This is a build issue.

    The BufferedRenderer is included in the app which brings in the override class which adds the enable and disable methods.

    But somehow an ext-all.js file has been included...
  15. Views may be defined in declarative JSON in Sencha 6.x

    XML is just another representation of the same information which needs to be converted into a Javascript structure anyway.
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    No. The Modern grid has not yet acquired all the capabilities of the ExtJS grid.
  17. Try making Ext.grid.plugin.BufferedRenderer extend like this:

    extend: 'Ext.overrides.plugin.Abstract',

    See if when you build your app, that fixes it.
  18. This ticket is still open.

    Can anyone post a fiddle which shows the bug?

    The BufferedRenderer class has a disable method.

    Even a stack trace would help!
  19. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
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    Yes, there is still a bug in the code which kicks off a load when a value is set.

    I'm working on that part right now.

    I'll update the fiddle when I have a fix.
  21. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
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    Same issue as!&p=1081279
  23. this is

  24. Westy, quite a few other issues have been fixed with comboboxes in the past couple of days.

    Particularly with binding. Were you seeing strange behaviour when the value was bound to something in a...
  25. IE11 is firing a field mutation event when setRawValue sets the raw value to "Red" after having the value set to "R", and looking it up in the store, and plucking the displayField out.

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