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    PieGrouping interaction for Sencha Touch 2.x


    We are considering transitioning from Touch Charts 1.x to Sencha Complete 2.2.x due to the performance improvements.

    We are currently using piegrouping, itemcompare and togglestacked...
  2. I mean, once the chart is rendered fully. ...

    I mean, once the chart is rendered fully.

    More context:
    I am displaying the chart in iPhone app. I am displaying the loading spinner before the chart is loaded. The loading spinner need to be...
  3. How to add an onComplete callback after the chart has been generated

    I am using Sencha Touch Charts 1.x to create charts. Once the chart is generated and displayed, I would like to do some additional Javascipt code to be executed. Is this possible ?

    Right now, I...
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