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    How can I exclude directories from sencha app...

    How can I exclude directories from sencha app build ?
    I tried
    <target name="-before-init">
    <property name="build.operations">
  2. `Ext.ComponentQuery.query('[id=assets-information-...

    `Ext.ComponentQuery.query('[id=assets-information-form-1918]')` also returns my component. :)
    So probably the deal in "#" only.
  3. So itemId just eliminates autogenerated id from...

    So itemId just eliminates autogenerated id from ComponentQuery search even if itemId and id are different.
    It is not about just precedence, it is about elimination :)
    Where can I find any info on...
  4. 6.5.3 Classic: Ext.ComponentQuery.query('#autogenerated_id') returns an empty array

    I have some ExtJs component. I set itemId for it, but id is autogenerated....
  5. In production mode: ``` cmp.getConfig('xtype')...

    In production mode:
    cmp.getConfig('xtype') // "combobox"

    cmp.getInitialConfig('xtype') // "combobox"

    cmp.getXType() // "combo"

    cmp.getXTypes() //...
  6. Why getXType() returns different results for production and for development mode.

    E.g. for combobox in production getXType returns 'combo' but for development it returns 'combobox'.
    The same for textarea -> textareafield, checkbox -> checkboxfield, etc.
    Is there some configs to...
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    Selenium IDE equivalent for Sencha Test.

    Hi! Is there some tools to record user actions for further using them in auto-tests by Sencha Test ?
    Selenium IDE records actions by id or css classes. But it is not so reliable. Are there are some...
  8. [INFOREQ] I met this for all my components, which are...

    I met this for all my components, which are without itemId, so I pretty sure that it will be reproduced for all cases you can imagine yourself.Let me know if you tried some case and did not reproduce...
  9. [INFOREQ] Exception in component.getConfig('itemId') if itemId does not exist.

    "TypeError: Cannot read property 'names' of undefined".
  10. [OPEN] Bugs in new API docs (column.Action, 'inherited' checkbox, Component.initialConfig).

    * Documentation here contains many garbage in 'config' section:
    Many config options are duplicated and contain some garbage in...
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