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  1. hi,

    i have a combobox cell editor in my grid like this:

    it works well, but it fires also updates after blur the combobox even no data changes, why?

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    please see here:


    you see this red marked areas? the last row is a docked summary row (!/api/Ext.grid.feature.Summary)

    it looks not so great,...
  3. Hi,

    how is it possible to save the postions in a cookie and after reloading the page set the portlets back to the position?

    i use this example:
  4. as string, in db there is value like '2,3,5'
  5. is this not possible to have a multiselect combo on a form?
  6. hi,

    i have a combobox:

    Ext.define('sectors', {
    extend: '',
    fields: ['id','sector']
  7. hello again, are there any news for using remember me function?
  8. i checked the "remember me" box, but i think thats not enough.

    What else should i do to get a remember me function?

    And why ask my browser not if i want to save username and password like every...
  9. okay i understand, i will have a try with reload every 30 seconds what you say (it moves far away from realtime but i will try it)

    how can i cache this querys to reach the goal 10 users = 1 query...
  10. oh okay, i thought it have something with or websocket or something to do, to broadcast the data instead every client makes seperate querys :(
  11. i reload the store because the data is changing every 5 seconds...

    but every website visiter see the same data...

    for example 1 user is looking at the site, every 5 seconds one query is going...
  12. hi,

    i have a problem with stores and grids.

    i reload my store automaticly after 5 seconds, php makes a simple query on the postgres database. when only one is visiting the side there is no...
  13. Hi,

    i found the way to read exist cookies:

    var cp = Ext.create('Ext.state.CookieProvider');

    for (var key in cp.readCookies()) {
  14. mhhh seems not so easy like i think :( i only dont wont to open the windows again every reload of the page :(
  15. mhhh i dont think i have to set something, because when i create a stateful window it will create a cookie, see my code:


    var cp =...
  16. "You will need to add a flag to the cookieProvider to save this info and then adjust the business logic."

    and thats my problem, how can i add a flag?
  17. hi, i looked at the example

    how can i change the configuration to open the window automaticly after reload the webpage?
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    is use this to reconfigure my grid:

    function modelFactory(name,fields){
    model = {
    extend: '',
    fields: fields
  19. for tests i delete the entry in the password database. when i now relogin to this browser popup ask me to save password:


    the same popup when i login to facebook,...
  20. sorry but im realy confused, i look at the cookies tab in firebug and dont find this cookies (only bb_lastvisit, bb_lastactivity, etc).

    i only find my username and password in the browser password...
  21. sorry i dont understand this, for example here the login page at i saved the username and password in my firefox and everytime i want login the username and password is...
  22. thx for your reply,

    i also dont wont to save the password in a cookie! i wont to use the browser based password safe. but i dont know how?!?
  23. hi,

    when is use a extjs 4 form to login the browser (firefox,ie, chrome) never ask me to save the username and password.

    how can i do this?

  24. hi,

    here is my code:

    columns: {
    items: [
    dataIndex: "id",
  25. i get this error:

    TypeError: el is null
    el.addCls.apply(el, arguments);

    newest version with extjs 4.2
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