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  1. I am just trying to simply redirect it in the...

    I am just trying to simply redirect it in the entire page.
    The code is:
    xtype: 'panel',
    html: '<div style="text-align:center;"><img class="facebook"...
  2. Scroll problem in Blackberry when redirect to URL like


    I faced the issue when redirect to the URL like on the image click on Blackberry.
    I tried to find out the solution and found that the problem occurs due the sorollable...
  3. Its a Sencah Touch Question.

    Whatever data is coming from the strore and show in the list is not my problem.

    My problem is , I want to show the view from the top whenever i click on the buttom which is on the bottom of the...
  4. Show View from top when click on the button on same View.

    I have a View with many controls on that and a list whose height sets dynamically according to the data
    comes at runtime. Below the list , I have a button which added more jobs in the list....
  5. Unable to access same Domain Web Service through emulator

    I have developed an application using sencha and phonegap for blackberry which is working fine on the chrome browser. In the application, I m using the ajax to call the WCF services to access the...
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    405. Method not Allowed.

    Thanks for the reply Michell.
    I am try to call the google maps service with Ext.Ajax.Request.
    The code which i use to call the service is:-

    url :...
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    405 . Method not allowed.

    Whenever I tried to call the web service using Ext.Ajax.Request with method type as POST , it automatically changes it to OPTIONS and following error is occrued :-

    405. Thatís an error.The...
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