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    File Upload from Sencha Touch 2.3 app

    Hie i am developing a Simple Sencha App on Sench touch 2..3 version and CMD 4 and in my app i have form which has got different fields including a file upload field where by the data from the field...
  2. Sencha touch 2.3's new CMD 4.0 generates default action bar on top

    While creating my native apk in Sencha Touch 2.3 CMD version- after building the native app when i install the apk on my android phone a default action bar on top is generated.In other...
  3. How can i use Google Cloud Messaging in Sencha Touch 2.1 using php as a backend ?

    I have trying to implement GCM(Google Cloud Messaging) in Sencha Touch 2.1 i have trying for days but could n't be able to get it done. or GCM is not supported by Sencha Touch 2.1
    Is there are any...
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