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    Store.findRecord by id

    I import some data from the server into my store. The model for that data has an Ďidí field which contains the id of that element as received from the server. So, for instance, hereís an item with...
  2. Oh, awesome, thank you! Iím new to Sencha Touch...

    Oh, awesome, thank you! Iím new to Sencha Touch and Iíve had no previous experience with Ext.JS, so I wouldnít know where to look for relevant info outside the Sencha Touch API docs. But this manual...
  3. Getting the target element on itemTap inside a DataView

    Hi all.

    Iíve got this DataView that outputs data from a store. Every time I tap on one of its items, I want to access the element of that item and toggle a CSS class on it.

    Sounds trivial, but...
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